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"San Andreas practically invented yoga. It certainly invented the time honored tradition of the relaxing coffee enema. Whether it’s the Downward Dog pose or the more advanced Dropping Fire Log, there are many fulfilling and compromising positions you can contort yourself into with the help of an expert like Master Private Yoga Instructor, Fabien LaRouche."
Grand Theft Auto V website.

Yoga is an activity in Grand Theft Auto V.

In order to be able to take part in Yoga the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga?" needs to be completed by Michael. The player can perform yoga at Michael's House and on top of Mt Gordo. The uses of taking part in Yoga is that Michael's special ability Bar will fill (meaning he can slow down time for longer in gun fights) and his lung capacity skill will increase slightly. For a more detailed guide click here.


Punching Starfish

Fabien-GTA V-1
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A special pose that is both spiritual and mental, practiced in the Far East, popularized by the Greeks. It is a pose that requires discipline to be entered slowly, or injury may occur and cause a partner to weep and never attempt the pose again.

Downward Facing Camel

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True Namaste is achieved with this pose as the celestial spark within us is free – and the third eye opens to increase the flow of divine love.

Lucky Triangle

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This deeply spiritual pose frequently begins with salutations with a potential partner to see if they are interested in stretching their mind and spirits after consuming some. Often requires a safe word.


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