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Zastava M70
The Zastava M70, as seen in the second trailer of GTA IV.
Appearance(s): GTA IV (cut)
Weapon type: Assault rifles
Damage: Unknown
Weight: Probably average
Ammunition capacity: 600 rounds [1]
Available from: N/A
Price: N/A

The Zastava M70 was a weapon set to appear in Grand Theft Auto IV, but was cut from the final version.


The Zastava M70 is a Yugoslavian assault rifle, based on the infamous Russian rifle, the AK-47, which also gave the rifle the name Yugo AK. The rifle doesn't appear in the final product, being replaced by the AK-47.

It is best seen during the second trailer for the game, "Looking For That Special Someone", during in which Niko attacked the LCPD with the said weapon. [2]


Wikipedia has an article on:
  • Zastava is Serbic and Slovenian for "flag".


  1. Given the fact all assault rifles in GTA IV can hold up to 600 rounds, it can be assumed that the same goes to the Zastava
  2. "Looking For That Special Someone" trailer - GTA IV


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