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{{Infobox vehicles
| name = Bobcat
| front_image = Bobcat-GTA3-front.jpg
| image_size = 300
| caption = A Bobcat in GTA III
| rear_image = Bobcat-GTA3-rear.jpg
| manufacturer = [[Vapid]] (GTA IV)
| vehicle_type = Civilian truck
| body_style = [[:Category:Pickup Trucks|2-door pickup truck]]
| capacity = 2
| appearances = [[Grand Theft Auto III|GTA III]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA Vice City]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA San Andreas]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories|GTA Liberty City Stories]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories|GTA Vice City Stories]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars|GTA Chinatown Wars]]
The [[Vapid]] '''Bobcat''' is a continually reoccurring, civilian pickup truck found in the [[Grand Theft Auto]] franchise. It is widely known for its durability, maneuverability, and its off-road capabilities.
=== GTA III — GTA Vice City Stories ===
The GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories renditions resemble a second generation [[wp:Chevrolet S-10#Second generation|Chevrolet S-10]] or a first generation [[wp:Toyota Tacoma#First_generation .281995.E2.80.932004.29|Toyota Tacoma]], while the GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories renditions are based on the first generation [[wp:Ford Ranger|Ford Ranger]] or the 1984 [[wp:Chevy Silverado|Chevy Silverado]] 1500. Pre-GTA IV Bobcats run on a V6 engine and are available in a one tone body color, or two for the GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories renditions. While similar to earlier renditions, the GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories renditions also sport lower ground clearance. The GTA III rendition has a 3D modeling glitch where one headlight is rounded but the other is longer and rectangular.
Certain Bobcats in GTA San Andreas may feature [[Sprunk]] cans or a spare wheel in the back, and the Bobcat can be also upgraded at [[TransFender]] in GTA San Andreas with changeable wheels, exhausts, etc. Along with the GTA Vice City rendition of the [[Moonbeam]], the game's Bobcat is one of the earliest vehicles in the series to features its name printed on its body (on the tailgate).
The Bobcat is used as a gang car by the [[Trailer Park Mafia]] in GTA Vice City Stories.
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="5" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="160">
Bobcat-GTA3-front.jpg|GTA III (<small>[[:Image:Bobcat-GTA3-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]</small>).
Bobcat-GTAVC-front.jpg|GTA Vice City (<small>[[:Image:Bobcat-GTAVC-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]</small>).
Bobcat-GTASA-front.jpg|GTA San Andreas (<small>[[:Image:Bobcat-GTASA-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]</small>).
Bobcat-GTALCS-front.jpg|GTA Liberty City Stories (<small>[[:Image:Bobcat-GTALCS-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]</small>).
Bobcat-GTAVCS-front.jpg|GTA Vice City Stories (<small>[[:Image:Bobcat-GTAVCS-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]</small>).
==== Performance ====
The Bobcat is fairly slow at 135, with great torque, and has a two person capacity; however, it takes a long time and a straight and long road for the Bobcat to achieve maximum speed. It is two-wheel drive and handles well on rough terrain, and so can be used for mild off-roading, but is inferior to the [[Patriot]] in this respect.
=== GTA IV — GTA Chinatown Wars ===
[[File:Bobcat-GTA4-front.jpg|thumb|A Bobcat in GTA IV (<small>[[:Image:Bobcat-GTA4-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view, with additional top-mounted spotlights]]</small>).]]In [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] , the Bobcat is now a full-size pickup truck, rather than a compact. As it bears a [[Vapid]] badge, which is a parody of Ford, it loosely resembles a 2005 Ford Ranger, but it appears more bulkier in appearance, thus retaining some cues the [[wp:Chevrolet C/K#1973-1987|1981 Chevrolet C]]. The truck has a very powerful 550 Cubic Inch (9L) V10 engine. Despite having "super 4 x 4" written on the side, the Bobcat is purely rear wheel drive. Bobcats can be seen with optional grille guards, or a roll bar with four lights on top, and on rare occurrences, with both.
The GTA Chinatown Wars Bobcat is not unlike the GTA IV in terms of appearance and performance, with several minor tweaks and a permanent roll bar.
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="5" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="160">
Bobcat_badges.png|Badging on the Bobcat.
Bobcat-GTACW.png|GTA Chinatown Wars.
In terms of performance, the Bobcat is capable of rapid acceleration and a slow top speed of 136 mph. The vehicle does not turn sharply, but can powerslide around corners with enough use of the emergency brake. Off road, the Bobcat suffers from lack of 4WD, low ground clearance, and extremely poor wheel articulation. Also, the engine is somewhat overpowering, resulting in undesired wheel-spin in soft sand. The truck should not be considered a heavy duty vehicle for off road use.
== Variants ==
The regular Bobcat is available with various unique qualities in some of the games it appears in:
* In GTA III, the player can acquire a bulletproof, fireproof and explosion-proof Bobcat from "[[Evidence Dash]]". This can be achieved by pinning the truck at an obstacle and carjacking it while it remains stationary or slow-moving. If the player is required to destroy the evidence by destroying the truck, the player can do so by going to a safehouse garage, ramming the truck until it catches fire, park and leave the truck in the garage and wait for it to explode (thereby completing the mission). Once the player reopens the garage door, the truck is fully repaired.
* In GTA Vice City, the player can acquire a black-and-red Bobcat during "[[Autocide]]", when the player is required to kill two targets ([[Marcus Hammond]] and [[Franco Carter]]) in the parked Bobcat. The easiest way to obtain the truck is by killing the driver using a sniper rifle from afar (which forces the passenger to exit the truck instead of gaining control of the truck himself), gaining access to the truck.
* In GTA San Andreas, two all-black Bobcats (suspected to be used by the [[CIA]]) are featured during "[[Stowaway]]". The player can reach the Bobcats, at the cost of missing the departing [[Andromada]] and failing the mission.
* In GTA Liberty City Stories, two uniquely colored Bobcats are featured during "[[Love and Bullets]]" (colored black) and "[[Panlantic Land Grab]]" (colored white with brown bumpers).
* In GTA Vice City Stories, fireproof Bobcats are featured during "[[Shakedown (GTA VCS)|Shakedown]]" and "[[D.I.V.O.R.C.E.]]".
* In GTA IV, a Bobcat is requested as part of [[Stevie's Car Thefts]], appearing with a pale brown body. As a new Bobcat will respawn at the same spot until the player delivers one to [[S&M Auto Sales]], the player can save one at their safehouse before delivering another.
In addition, there exists a gang variant of the Bobcat in GTA Chinatown Wars driven by the [[Irish-American Killers|Irish Killers]] gang. The "gang" Bobcat is distinguished by its green body and red roof.
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="5" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="160">
Bobcat-GTAVC-Autocide-front.jpg|The black-and-red "[[Autocide]]" Bobcat obtained from Autocide in GTA Vice City.
Bobcat-GTASA-CIA-front.jpg|A black Bobcat featured during "[[Stowaway]]" in GTA San Andreas.
Bobcat-GTACW-gang.png|[[Irish-American Killers|Irish Killers]] variant of the Bobcat in GTA Chinatown Wars.
Bobcat-GTA4-Stevie-front.jpg|The requested Bobcat in [[Stevie's Car Thefts]] in GTA IV.
[[Image:Bobcat-GTACW-papercraft.jpg|275px|thumb|right|A rendering of the papercraft Bobcat from the GTA Chinatown Wars section of the [[Rockstar Games Social Club]].]]
* During development of GTA III, the Bobcat originally had a rollcage.
* At one point during devolopment of GTA III, the Bobcat sometimes came in a gold color.
* The bobcat is the most common pickup truck in GTA San Andreas.
* There is a visual glitch in GTA Vice City Stories that after using the Pay 'n' Spray in a Bobcat, the tailgate is open.
* The Bobcat in GTA IV sells for $2,500 at [[S&M Auto Sales]] after completion of [[Stevie's Car Thefts]].
* Under the "[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars|Chinatown Wars]]" section of the [[Rockstar Games Social Club]] website, members may download a printable papercraft model of the game's Bobcat. The vehicle's design is more alike that of GTA IV than GTA Chinatown Wars.
* The Bobcat plays the following radio stations by default when entered:
**[[V-Rock]] in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories.
**[[Radio X]] in GTA San Andreas.
**[[San Juan Sounds]] in GTA IV.
* The Bobcat[] is an American mammal in the cat family.
* In GTA IV, if the player attempts to get a ride on the rear cargo compartment while the vehicle is in motion, the player will just lose the balance and fall. If the player is lucky enough, he/she will fall on to the road and if he/she is unlucky, he/she will fall in the cargo compartment and get stuck while health of the player is being reduced. When this happens, the player will usually become wasted eventually.
===GTA III===
*[[Marco's Bistro]], [[Saint Mark's]], [[Portland Island]]
*[[AMCo. Petroleum Company]] Petrol Station, [[Harwood]], Portland Island
*[[Capital Autos]], Harwood, Portland Island
*[[Portland Beach|Beach]], [[Portland Beach]], Portland Island
*[[Liberty City Memorial Stadium]] parking lot, [[Belleville Park]], [[Staunton Island]]
*[[Carson General Hospital]], [[Rockford]], Staunton Island
*Staunton View picnic area, [[Cedar Grove]], [[Shoreside Vale]]
===GTA Vice City===
*Often seen driving around in [[Viceport]]
===GTA San Andreas===
*In the parking lot under the [[Mulholland Intersection]] in [[Downtown Los Santos]].
*Usually found beside the [[Mass Grave]] in [[Bone County]], between [[Area 69]] and [[Verdant Meadows]]
*Common in [[Red County]], [[Flint County]], [[Tierra Robada]] and Bone County.
*Three unique Black one's in [[Stowaway]].
===GTA Liberty City Stories===
*[[Capital Autos]], Harwood, Portland Island
*Parking lot, [[Portland Harbor]], Portland Island
*[[Liberty Tree]] parking lot, [[Bedford Point]], Staunton Island
*East of the [[Liberty Tree]] parking lot on the roadside, [[Bedford Point]], Staunton Island
*In the waters north of the ferry terminal [[Rockford]], Staunton Island
===GTA Vice City Stories===
*To the west of [[Pay 'n' Spray]] on an area which is on the map green but where little cabins are located, [[Little Haiti]]
*Near [[Marty Jay Williams|Marty Jay Williams']] trailer next to the [[Sunshine Autos]] building site, [[Little Havana]]. Appears in a constant peach and white body color. It is availible from the beginning of the game until after the mission [[D.I.V.O.R.C.E.]].
*Next to another trailer in the trailer park, near Marty Jay Williams' trailer(PSP version only)
*On the [[Washington Mall]] building site, [[Ocean Beach]]
*To the east of the future [[Bunch of Tools]] hardware store in the parking lot, [[Washington Beach]]
*Next to the place where you can complete the road races (on the fairground), [[Vice Point]]
===GTA IV===
*When you have escaped the old factory in the mission [[Hostile Negotiation]], [[Niko Bellic|Niko]] and [[Roman Bellic|Roman]] escape in a Bobcat.
*Found parked on top of the parking lot near [[Francis International Airport, Dukes|Francis International Airport]], as part of [[Stevie's Car Thefts]].
*Often spawns around [[North Holland]] and [[East Holland]], [[Algonquin]].
*Usually driving around [[East Hook]] in [[Broker]].
*One is by the old hospital in [[/ Snow Storm|The Snow Storm]].
=== GTA Chinatown Wars ===
* In a back alley on the eastern edge of [[Willis]], [[Dukes]]. Activates "[[Riding Shotgun]]" sub-mission.
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