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The Cook inspecting one of the diamonds to have been sold during the opening cinematic of Grand Theft Auto IV. The diamonds are being mixed into a cake batter, presumably to be smuggled into the country after being stolen from Ray Bulgarin.

The Diamonds are featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony wherein they are involved in many scenarios also involving the protagonists, Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Fernando Lopez as well as many others. Detailed below are the many different scenarios that take place involving the diamonds and the different people that gain possession of them each time. The diamonds are the main purpose which led to the Impossible Trinity in GTA IV and Diamonds Forever in TBOGT achievements.

Below explains how the diamonds went around Liberty City, who was involved with them and why.


Nobody who struggled for the diamonds ever owned them permanently Apparently, all of the protagonists in GTA IV and both episodes never accomplished in permanently owning the diamonds in their storylines, apart from stealing them. Most everyone aside from the GTA player characters that had physically touched the diamonds are killed between the three games, either in a directly related way, or in some unrelated mission.

In addition, the original owner of the diamonds was Ray Bulgarin, though he was the owner, he was killed by Luis for getting revenge on him. Below are the consequences of the people that stole and owned them. The consequences are been based on the storyline.


The diamonds arrived in Liberty City on the Platypus, the ship that also brought Niko Bellic to the city. They are believed to have been stolen from original owner Ray Bulgarin, who is a previous employer of Niko's. The cook on the ship hid them inside a cake in order to smuggle them into the city.

Bulgarin later arrived in the city for two reasons: to find a retrieve his diamonds, and to find and kill Niko whom he believed to have intentionally sunk one of Bulgarin's ships and fled with his money. In fact, the ship was raided and did sink, though Niko bailed and had to swim for his life.

The first chronological appearance is in TLAD, after Johnny Klebitz is introduced to Ray Boccino through his old girlfriend Ashley Butler, Ray tells him about diamonds which are being purchased by Anthony Prince, and his bodyguard/business partner Luis Lopez, from the Cook who had brought them into the country. He instructs Johnny to raid the purchase. Johnny successfully stole the diamonds after an extended chase with Evan Moss who was killed. He then hid half of the diamonds on Jade Street, and the other half on Hematite Street in Algonquin. The diamonds were later collected by Niko Bellic, Luca Silvestri, Joseph DiLeo, and Johnny Barbosa. Afterwards Niko fails to make sure, Luca and his crew hand the diamonds over to Ray Boccino. The three never did, and conspired to flee to Las Venturas, until Niko killed them and retrieved them.

Following this Ray sent Niko to an exchange with Issac Roth at the Libertonian. Johnny was also there, to take his cut of the money. During the deal Luis Lopez ambushed the deal killing Mori Green in the process who was inspecting the diamonds. During which Johnny stole the 2,000,000 and escaped after, while Niko was forced to flee the museum with nothing. Shortly after, Jim Fitzgerald was tortured by Ray in the basement of Drusilla's, in an attempt to get the money, but escaped with Johnny's help. After escaping Jim went to get more members of the Lost for backup, and Johnny went to see Ashley. Niko was then ordered by Phil Bell, and Ray to murder Jim. Whilst being chased by Niko, Johnny was fighting off hitmen that were sent by Ray. Johnny survived, but Jim didn't. While confident that the hitmen are taking care of Johnny, Ray tells Niko the Issac is blaming the blotched deal on him, and is threatening to have him killed. Niko is then sent to the Majestic Hotel to murder him. Afterwards Ray tells Niko that Johnny disappeared with the money, and anyone who would know where the diamonds are, are dead. The diamonds also support that Ray was the one in the Pegorino Family who was undermining the operation, and led Jimmy Pegorino closer to his decision of Ray being killed.

At the time of this, Luis Lopez was working with Ray Bulgarin. Bulgarin eventually uncovered that Luis, and Tony had the diamonds which were his. He assumed that they were plotting with the cook against him, and lured Luis into a trap. At the trap he sees the decapitated head if the cook left in a birthday cake box. In an ironic twist it was the same box used to smuggle the diamonds. Gerald McReary also organized the kidnapping of Gracie Ancelotti for the diamonds as ransom. The kidnapping was relatively easy to Niko, as he pretended he was interested in the pink Feltzer she had to sell for her DUI. Due to the enormous debt of Tony to the Ancelottis, Luis, and Tony would be held responsible for the condition of Gracie. Ancelottis not wanting to give up the diamonds, sent the two to follow one of the kidnappers to their hideout. Once they had the location, Giovanni Ancelotti sent some of his family to try to get her back. This was however unsuccessful. Unable to find her, he struck a deal with the kidnappers, and sent the two to retrieve Gracie. The deal however was broken up by Bulgarin, who wanted to get revenge on Niko, and obtain his diamonds. Luis, Tony, and Gracie got away, while Niko, and Packie had to fend off the attackers. They eventually cornered the guy who took them. Seeing how there was no way out (either giving the diamonds to them, and being killed by Bulgarin, or keeping them, and being killed by them, and having them take them) decides to throw them into traffic. He is then killed, and the two make their escape.

Not knowing who has the diamonds, Niko seems not to care about. He says that the landfill they are being taken to is the best place for them. He also says that the population of Liberty City would be higher. Where the diamonds end isn't revealed until the ending of The Ballad of Gay Tony. When Luis meets Tony at the Monoglobe, after killing Bulgarin as revenge, Luis knocks over a homeless man named Jerry Kapowitz. After Luis helps him up, he continues looking through the trash, and stumbles across the bag of diamonds.

Mission appearances

Note the following missions are been sorted in chronological order of the timeline.


  • Everybody who touched or held the diamonds besides Niko, Johnny, Luis, and Tony have been killed. Ironically, Jerry Kapowitz was not involved in any way, and never even knew of their existence, but was eventually the one to have them for himself.
  • Where the diamonds ended up is not chronologically correct. On the Liberty Tree website the diamonds were supposedly heading to the dump (after which one of Bulgarin's men threw them onto the back of a truck). However Jerry Kapowitz finds them in the trash at the Monoglobe in Meadows Park, either they were somehow transported to the bin, or it is a minor retcon.

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