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Hi fellow GTA fans,

I'm James Fletcher and I live in Liverpool (near Sydney), NSW, Australia.

I am a fan of the PlayStation series of consoles and my favourite video game series is Grand Theft Auto.

A few years ago I wanted a game where I was given a city and a person to do whatever I wanted. I found this in GTA III. From that day on I became the "Biggest GTA Fan Ever".

Since then I have owned every GTA game on a PlayStation console. While I still like the Do What You Want thing, I now like the story lines a lot more.

I like to consider myself an expert on GTA Vice City, but I can also help with the rest of the GTA III era games as I have played them all.

I have played GTA and GTA2. I am yet to play GTA Advance, or any of the London's.

I have recently completed both the "Deal" and "Revenge" endings of the storyline of GTA IV for the second time (this time without cheats). I primarily chose the "Revenge" storyline and just played the "Deal" storyline to see what happened. I preferred the "Revenge". After completing the "Revenge" I simply saved on another file so that I could go back and complete the "Deal". I am going to go for the 100%

I would like to be able to consider myself a good resource for GTA IV information and eventually become an expert.

I discovered Grand Theft Wiki when I was searching the Internet for a source of information on the Wanted Level system of GTA IV as I noticed it was very different to that of the past.

I then decided that as the Biggest GTA Fan Ever it was my duty to help make this site the biggest GTA resource on the web. I have used this site to get a lot of information and have added a lot as well.

I used to help Wikipedia but don't any more, the people here are more friendly, I enjoy it here, I think we all have the same idea of put the information on the page, then we can fix it up, something is better than nothing.

My first GTW friend was Eganio. Ironically that friendship started with him correcting my edits, he explained what I did wrong, we became friends, (like I said earlier, the people here are much friendlier than Wikipedia). He taught me the power of actually reading and adding to talk pages.

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I help anywhere I can on the wiki. I use Recent Edits to find pages that I can help on. I also use Tasks and the list of special pages to find any job that needs to be done. These are just my main projects.

  • Enforcing the Policy - Keeping the wiki running smoothly by enforcing the Rules and fixing pages to follow all Policy. Mainly Consistency and mainly in the form of page name capitalisation, page names in general, but also consistency within pages.
  • Categorisation - An easy, "fun", yet important job that needs to be done on the wiki. I mainly help by renaming categories and deleting unused categories, but I also categorise pages when I see them needing it.
  • Helping Other Users - If I find something that needs to be fixed, I don't just fix it, I use the page history to see who did it and tell them, so that they don't make the same mistakes in the future. I also like to help users with their problems by reading talk pages, and I like them to come to me.
  • Patrolling - My goal at the end the day (Australian time zone) is to have all edits in that day patrolled using the staff patrolling system (excluding talk page edits and user page edits, though I do go to the talk pages to help out). I do this by marking a few each Grand Theft Wiki session.

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