The "Happiness Is...Land" Sweater is an outfit available to Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is a single-piece outfit consisting of a unique navy blue sweater, with the words "Happiness is..." paired with a picture of the Statue of Happiness on the front, and "" on the back. The phrase is a play on Happiness Island, where the outfit can be found by the entrance of the Statue of Happiness.

A similar piece of clothing was also available in Crate Drops during the Independence Day Special in Grand Theft Auto Online, it is now on a t-shirt instead of a sweater. Other differences include a larger image of the statue and the "Happiness is..." text on the front with the "" part on the back removed to make way for the player's crew emblem.


  • The words, read as 'Happiness is land', written on the sweater may be a patriotic take on the numerous territorial acquisitions by the United States since its establishment, signifying that the country feels happiness/pleasure by acquiring land/territory from other nations.