'The W' to Drop in on Liberty City is a Liberty Tree article written by Paul Civille and was published on February 1, 2001. The article discusses the imminent arrival of President George W Bush to Liberty City.


George W. Bush

Hot after his inaugural celebration newly elected President George W Bush is making Liberty City his first stop on a nationwide big city tour. "I'm so sick of seeing the guy's face," store owner Rudy Chi said. "I wish'd he'd picked somewhere else." The President's first day will be filled with meetings with the mayor and local city officials followed by a dinner and reception where he will address a local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Local city advocates are hoping to meet with Bush and bring to light the city's rapidly increasing crime infestation. Education, investment in the arts and child care are also hoping to be discussed, but most agree that little can be accomplished without the President first attempting to tackle Liberty City's expanding illegal trafficking problem at its major ports. John Norris a city inspector for all shipments in and out of the airport, says, "No one can control this airport, if he can he's a better man than I am!"

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