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"I'm jonesing for some fries"
Gordon talks to Niko when he gets to the safehouse

The mission ...I'll Take Her (A.K.A Ransom) is a continuation of the mission I'll Take Her... in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Gracie's father doesn't believe that Gracie is kidnapped, but thinks she is out with "some guy". The player heads over to the safehouse where Gracie was dropped off at the end of the last mission to take a photo of her to send to her father. Niko hits Gracie to make her look at him, and the player is instructed to take a photo.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go upstairs to the safehouse
  • Take a photo of Gracie
  • Get out of the building

Video Walkthrough


  • It's strange that Patrick didn't take the photo himself, because he was in the safehouse with a camera phone. It can be seen in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Packie mentions his "ma's still upset" when calling Niko, so perhaps he was unable to leave his house and go across town.
  • It is also strange that Gordon didn't take the photo, implying that he possibly doesn't own a camera phone, or simply didn't have it with him.
  • Gracie can be shot in the foot but nothing will happen and she will only scream but is gagged. If you shoot her too many times, she will die and the mission will fail.
  • Killing Gordon only results to failing the mission.
  • If you leave the room, and come back in before leaving the building, Gordon may say interesting comments, like:"What are you doing here again?","Make yourself useful and get me some fries, will ya?" or "Niko, some fries would really hit the spot right now."
  • Gordon was watching porn on TV during the mission, but was blurred.
  • If you leave the building (receiving the phone call from Packie) and try to come back into the room after the phone call is finished, the door will be locked making the room unaccessible. If you happen to be in the room and that time, you will be trapped leaving the only way to get out is loading the game or killing yourself.
  • This mission seemingly takes place at the same time with Ladies' Night in TBoGT as Tony will get a message with the picture of Gracie sent by Niko during the pursuit of Packie McReary.

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