"Hello sailor! This renovated, fully-furnished apartment is right on the waterfront in Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club. Perfect for picking up other sailors. Includes 6-car garage."

0115 Bay City Avenue is a safehouse located on Tug Street in La Puerta, Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

It is available for purchase through for $150,000 and includes a 6-car garage.


Like all medium-sized houses the apartment has one bedroom, which is connected to a bathroom on the other side. The bedroom consists of a detached cupboard, bedside table and double bed. The bathroom is cramped, containing a shower taking up a 1/3 of the space, and a toilet & sink. The living area has a small kitchen, dividing the two rooms with a breakfast bar. A bottle of beer and a bottle of whisky are in the kitchen. A plasma screen TV, coffee table and couch are in the living room. The walls are covered with movie posters. The garage space has a bench covering two walls which has tools, a vice, a radio and a laptop.


  • This house was shown in the GTA V Gameplay Video, in the scene that showed viewers how to buy properties, however the option to do this in story mode was removed.
  • The safehouse is actually located on Tug Street, east of Bay City Avenue in La Puerta.