"Congratulations, you achieved 100%!"
―Message received upon 100% completion.
100% CTW by trongducvtc

The message received upon 100% completion.

To attain 100% in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the player must accomplish all of the following:



  • In the iOS and Android versions of the game, doing all the objectives above ends you up with 101.34% instead of 100%, and if the player complete a task nearly close to 100%, a small congratulatory message appears.
  • In the PSP version, there are 5 extra Rampages, 3 extra Riding Shotguns, and 4 extra Time Trials.
  • In many sources, it is commonly said that you need to do warehouse raid at least once to achieve 100% completion, however, this is wrong.


  • Like in GTA III, there are no rewards for completing the game 100%. A small message will simply appear to congratulate the player upon reaching 100%.