Getting 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories requires numerous tasks to complete. Below is a list over everything needing to be done in order to reach the achievement. Getting 100% gives the rewards infinite ammo and the ability to watch most of the storyline cutscenes on the TV inside The Clymenus Suite. The PlayStation 2 version of the game has some more side missions to complete as opposed to the PSP version.


  • Protection Racket: Ultimate Badass
  • Loan Shark: Crim Reaper
  • Prostitution: Mack Daddy
  • Drugs: Smack Daddy
  • Smuggling: Pirate Captain
  • Robbery: Heist Meister
  • Complete all 5 races on the mainland.
  • Complete all 4 races on the east island.
  • Complete all time trials.
  • Complete all 8 courses for Watersports.
  • Complete all 12 courses for the Sanchez Time Trials.
  • Complete all 8 courses for BMX Time Trials.
  • Complete all 4 courses for Quad Time Trials.
  • Complete all vehicle side missions.


When 100% is achieved in GTA Vice City Stories, the following rewards are given:

Bugs & Glitches

  • A bug in the game exists and the player needs to complete only 99.6% to get the achievement. 100% can be reached without the completion of Skywolf, which is unlocked after the final story mission.
  • The player must build a high roller Drugs site before the completion of "Hostile Takeover", otherwise the game will not award the player the percentage boost for unlocking the Drugs business type.