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"Built in the 60s and surprising everyone by still being in once piece, this understated property may not look like much on the outside, but don't worry: inside it's identical to every other brainless yuppie's fantasy of open plan, designer living. Part of Executives and Other Criminals." description.

2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Drive is a stilt house safehouse located on Mad Wayne Thunder Drive in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos, featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.


It is available for purchase through for $449,000, after installing the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Update and includes a 10-car garage.


  • Christmas tree inside during Festive Surprise 2015 holiday period (December 21, 2015 - January 5, 2016).
  • 10% Discount during Friends in High Places Event Week's Martin day (February 22, 2016). Price has been lowered to $404,100 for the day.
  • 25% Discount during High Life Event Week (April 22, 2016 - April 28, 2016). Price has been lowered to $336,750 during the event period.
  • 50% Discount during Head to Head Event Week (May 27, 2016 - June 2, 2016). Price has been lowered to $224,500 during the event period.


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