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3671 Whispymound Drive

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3671 Whispymound

Franklin's home in the Hills.

3671 Whispymound Drive is a safehouse given to Franklin Clinton upon completion of Hotel Assassination by Lester, located on Whispymound Drive in Vinewood Hills. The reason for the house being given to him is the fact that Lester's portfolio was getting a "little successful", so he figured tangible assets would be the best investment, and for tax reasons someone needed to live there, so Franklin came to mind, especially to Franklin's relief as he wouldn't have to live with his aunt, Denise, anymore.



The property is a modern house in Vinewood Hills with two floors, a garage, and an infinity pool and jacuzzi. In the driveway, Franklin's Personal Vehicles are parked adjacent to the road. A large living area with a kitchen to the right and stairs to the bedroom on the left. The kitchen has a counter and an adjacent island, and a door is permanently open that leads to the deck. Outside, the deck, garage, and backyard are all connected at a staircase to he left. Downstairs, the bedroom is connected to a hall with three other inaccessible rooms. A walk-in closet is accessible in the bedroom. A door to the backyard is permanently open.


  • The player may save the game and/or advance time by eight in-game hours by using Franklin's bed in his bedroom.
  • The player may change Franklin's clothes by using his walk-in closet.
  • The player may interact with Chop if he is at his doghouse near the jacuzzi outside.
  • Two health kits are located within the safehouse: one on the island in the kitchen and one on the dresser in Franklin's bedroom.
  • Franklin can operate the TV in the living area.
  • Franklin can sit on the couch in the living area, which also allows use of the TV.
  • Franklin can take a hit from his bong on a table in the far-left of the living area.
  • Franklin can use his laptop on the island in the kitchen.
  • Franklin can drink a glass of wine on the island in the kitchen.

Notable Residents


Mission Appearances


  • Unlike every other safehouse in the game, all three protagonists can enter the house due to a door in Franklin's bedroom as well as a door in the kitchen being permanently open. Only Franklin can save and interact with things in the house, however.
  • After 100% Completion a T-Shirt saying "I [heart] LS" is put on Franklin's bed.
  • This safehouse is similar to Michael's in terms of quality and amenities.
  • As soon Franklin moves to this safehouse, there's a lot of unopened boxes and packages and many areas still unsettled. As mission time passes, the house gets completely settled in decoration.
  • If the player bumps into the guitar next to Franklin's bed, it will make a sound.
  • Sometimes any random vehicle that the player (Using Franklin) has taken. That vehicle may be parked near Franklin's Buffalo and Bagger if either the Player, as Franklin, parked it near the driveway, or after taking a vehicle, switches to Michael and/or Trevor with Franklin is still driving that vehicle and eventually switches back to Franklin in his House, the same vehicle will be parked outside. This is much more possible if the Player, switches to Trevor or Michael and Back to Franklin without getting killed or arrested as Trevor and/or Michael.


  • Sometimes when changing the time from night to day by sleeping in the bed the light level changes before the save screen appears. 
  • If Franklin has a "Full Spartan" beard it will briefly turn into a stubble during the wine drinking sequence.
  • Sometimes after the wine drinking animation, Franklin will suddenly wear a spooky white, green and red hockey mask with scuba gear, thus turning Franklin back to his default haircut and facial hair. His clothes also change as green shorts, white camisole and a gold watch. The scuba gear mask does not allow the player to breath underwater.


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