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This 4x4 is a vehicle side mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 during the Liberty City part 2 run.


Enter the 4X4 in southwest New Guernsey to begin. You get a call saying that if you want see easy cash, then go see a friend in need of two pickups at the southwest Brix docks (although the dialogue says Island View). After delivering two pickups, you are told there is a guy in northeast Guernsey City who doesn't want to pay the caller, so you must take care of him. After getting rid of him (and his armed bodyguard) and driving back to a garage in southeast Guernsey City, you receive yet another call saying that Sonetti is selling "sweets to children" outside Guernsey station (although it's actually in West Schlechberg), and that the caller wants the car the "sweets" are in. After stealing it, you are told to take it to Chink's place, which is an Auto Shop in south Fort Law. Once the vehicle is resprayed, you must then take it to Shitter's pad in west New Guernsey to finally finish this mission!

Text Strategy

N, just W, big N, big E bridge when say Southwest Hack, to end then big S, follow E.
Steal Pickup truck.
Small S to crane. (If wanted, get POLICE BRIBE in crate by crane.)
Run N and steal another for crane.
Steal car.
Big W, follow N, big W bridge to end, big S, when arrow E, go E between bridge/building.
On foot (make sure have ARMOR and GUN).
Kill guy.
Big S, when arrow E go small E.
S, small E.
Steal Beast GTS.
N, big E follow N, big E, big S ramp, small W to Spray Shop.
E, alley S, big W, small W, cross, big S.
Garage. END!

Video Strategy

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 29 LC 2 4X410:10

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 29 LC 2 4X4

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Liberty City Chapter 2 - Other Vehicle Mission 509:26

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Liberty City Chapter 2 - Other Vehicle Mission 5

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