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Easter bay airport

A classic nod on number 69, note the number 69 on the runway

The number 69 is an innuendo of the 69 sex position, a recurring gag throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. This page lists some of its appearances in their respective games:

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • The Marquis has "Marquis 69" written on the rear of the boat.
  • The number can be found on some of the Bloodring Bangers as badges.
  • The phone number for Sunnyside Taxis is 555-9669.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Thrust (Note the 69 right)

Classic Rides

Classic Rides


The 69 Golden Palms hotel in Los Flores.

Ideal Living

Ideal Living magazine.

  • FleischBerg's slogan in GTA San Andreas: "Making Life Mean something Since 1869".
  • The Aircraft Carrier in the Easter Basin Naval Station is called LHD-069.
  • Ideal Living, a magazine in CJ's safehouses, has 369 ideas for your home.
  • Runways at all major airports in the game have the number 69 on both ends of the runways.
  • The abandoned Hi K69 radio station in Fort Carson.
  • A Motel is named "69" in Flint County.
  • In a Burger Shot advertisement on a billboard, one of their Meals on the billboard costs 69 cents.
  • On the loading screen featuring Sweet and Ryder selling what appears to be drugs, on the table there is a napkin with the number 69 written all over it.
  • In the achievement "Metrosexual", where the player must spend $6,969 on clothing, hairstyles and tattoos.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto IV


The cigars.

  • There is brand of Cuban cigars called 69 Brand.
  • The achievement and trophy Get Good Wood (which is also a sexual reference itself) in The Lost and Damned is earned by whacking 69 bikers off their bikes with a bat during motorbike races.
  • LCPD officers have the number 69 on their uniform collars.
  • The strippers in have $69 bills strapped to their body.
  • During his TV skit at Split Sides, Katt Williams mentions Liberty City's high gas prices, humorously stating that gas costs $69 a gallon.
  • Many of the parking stack in Liberty City has a sign that reads: '$8.69 per 1/2 hour' (one example can be seen on the parking lot in front of Lucky Winkles).
Feet diff 000 a uni
  • On the Rockstar Games Social Club, there is a millionaire club for GTA IV and all the dollar bills have 69 printed on them.
  • The Pump Shotgun in GTA IV has etching on the gun reading "Model no. 69."
  • The car that Niko drives in the starting credits has the number 669 on it.
  • Hinterland's slogan in GTA IV: "Doing it hard since 1869".
  • If the player takes a helitour, Rob the pilot will sometimes talk about 69 murders committed in Middle Park in the previous year.
  • In The Lost and Damned, Malc has 69 patched on his jacket.
  • There is a pedestrian that will say to another pedestrian, "I got $4,761 on my yearly salary". The square root of 4,761 is 69. 
  • The Battered Rings meal at Cluckin' Bell costs 69 cents

Grand Theft Auto V


The Police Bike's front fender in GTA V. Note the identification number on the fender.

  • In Grand Theft Auto V, the golf club's 8th hole is 169 yards (It can only be seen in first trailer of GTA V).
  • There are various graffiti on the back of the Vinewood Sign which say 69.
  • Grand Theft Auto V has a total of 69 main story missions.
  • The Hands On Car Wash phone number is 555 0169.
  • A sign at Larry's RV Sales in Harmony states that the holding tank can hold 469 gallons of human waste.
  • One of the Snapmatic picture borders has text that reads 0069.
  • Certain vehicle's licence plates or body spray has "69" hidden in them.
  • On Michael's personal vehicle, on all four of the wheels, there are dollar signs. But if the wheels are turned to a horizontal degree, it appears that the dollar signs are actually a very well, clever hidden illusion showing 69.[1]
  • On Devin Weston's website "" there is a quote written by Devin "6 black belts, 9 inches"
  • The Cargobob that is used by Trevor in Monkey Business has a registration number that reads "N-LS69".
  • There is a clothing store on Portola Drive in Los Santos called Sessanta NoveSessanta Nove means "69" in Italian.
  • The Police Bike's identification number on the front fender and the Predator's identification number on the sides reads "69269".
  • Franklin Clinton can have 69 Smart shoes in total.
  • The USS Luxington ATT-16 has 96 as its identification number, which is a innuendo to both the number 69 and the USS Dwight D. Einsenhower (CVN-69).
  • There is a brand of cigarettes in 24/7 that has a logo resembling the number 69.
  • In the Beta, Route 68 was originally going to be called 'Route 69'.
  • The price of Hotrod ATV cost $69.000.
  • The maximum ammo of Micro-SMG (if using extended clip) and other 30 ammo clip weapons is 9969 (although this is may be coincidental).
  • The parking garage in Pillbox Hill has a billboard on the top that says "Park here for only $69 a day!" This is the same garage used in the GTA Online mission The Parking Garage.
  • The player can earn $690,000 by collecting all the Nuclear Wastes.
  • At a Xero Gas Station in Pacific Bluffs, the prices of fuel are displayed on the main pay-out-booth, with one of them reading 469. Furthermore, the 4 has slightly fallen off, clearly showing the 69.
  • A label on Redwood Cigarettes packets mentions that the cigarettes contain 0.6mg of nicotine and 9mg of carbon monoxide.
  • The Steam and Xbox One version of the game have 69 achievements (although this is may be coincidental).

GTA Online

  • During the hacking sequence in Fleeca Job - Scope Out, the code to the left side has a line saying "WARNING: Port 69 Unavailable."
  • In the Halloween Surprise, a total of 69 new masks were added (although this may be coincidental).


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