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For the similar race in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, see Hotring.

The 8-Track event in GTA San Andreas.

8-Track is a racing side mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas held at the Los Santos Forum in Playa del Seville and East Beach, Los Santos.


8-Track is similar to the Hotring event in GTA Vice City. The player is required to compete in a 12-lap, stock-car style endurance race on a "hotring" variant of the Hotring Racer around a figure-8 circuit against 11 other competitors. Unlike Hotring, however, the durability of the player's and competitors' Hotring Racer is much better (although it is still less than most road vehicles), and the pitstop is no longer available; the player must also finish first to receive any reward. In addition, players must have a sufficiently high driving skill (at least 20% full) to enter for an 8-Track race.

Completion of 8-Track in first place is required for 100% completion.


The monetary reward for finishing first in 8-Track is $10,000. In addition, a #21 Hotring Racer and a "monstera" variant Monster will spawn on the northwestern corner of Los Santos Forum's parking lot once 8-Track is completed for the first time.


  • The 8-Track name carries two meanings, either referring to the figure-8 layout of the track, or the antiquated form of media that predated the cassette tape.
  • The track features jumbotrons that display the race in an overhead angle.
  • When the cheat (chittychittybangbang) is enabled, the player has an advantage to win the game. However, there is a glitch in where the racecar may fly too high and fall in the bleacher and enter an unknown world. Doing so will automatically give the player a 4-star wanted level unless "Locked Wanted Level" had already been activated.
  • In the mobile version and HD-version (PS3) the race needs only six laps to complete instead of twelve.
  • Two variations of the normal Hotring can be obtained from this race, the Hotring A and the Hotring B.[1]

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