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For the similar race in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, see Hotring.

8-Track is a racing side mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas held at the Los Santos Forum in Playa del Seville/East Beach, Los Santos.


8-Track is similar to the Hotring event in GTA Vice City. The player is required to compete in a 12-lap, stock-car style endurance race on a #21 "hotring" variant of the Hotring Racer around a figure-8 circuit against 11 other competitors. Unlike Hotring, however, the durability of the player's and competitors' Hotring Racer is much better (although it is still less than most road vehicles),

The 8-Track event in GTA San Andreas.

and the pitstop is no longer available; the player must also finish first to receive any reward. In addition, players must have a sufficiently high driving skill (at least 20% full) to enter for an 8-Track race.

Completion of 8-Track in first place is required for 100% completion in GTA San Andreas.


The monetary reward for finishing first in 8-Track is $10,000. In addition, a #21 Hotring Racer and a "monstera" variant Monster will spawn on the northwestern corner of Los Santos Forum's parking lot once 8-Track is completed for the first time.


  • The 8-Track name carries two meanings, either referring to the figure-8 layout of the track, or the antiquated form of media that predated the cassette tape.
  • The track features jumbotrons that display the race in an overhead angle.
  • When the cheat (chittychittybangbang) is enabled, the player has a better advantage to win the game. However, there is a glitch in where the racecar may fly too high and fall in the bleacher and enter an unknown world. Doing so will automatically give you a 4-star wanted level.

See also

  • Hotring, GTA Vice City equivalent.

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