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9mm Mayhem is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. To start this mission get on the Freeway behind Woody's Topless Bar in the Red Light District. This is required for 100%. And after completion you can return to the bike and try to beat your best score.


In this mission you have to eliminate more than 10 targets in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds. You receive 3 adrenaline pills. For this you will get a MAC-10 and a driver on a Freeway. Also you will get a damage meter, if it fills up completely you will fail the mission. And instead of dying you just respawn back to the starting point.

Targets 1-5

The first two targets are PCJ-600s. They don't have gunman so you can destroy them without trouble. First you get $5 for the first one and $20 for the second one. The next two targets also don't have protection. They are two Yardie Lobos. For the third one you get $45, and then $80 for the next. The fifth target is when the gunman start coming. The next two are Stingers with one MP5 gunman. For the fifth you get $125.

Targets 6-10

After destroying the sixth target you will get $180. Then the next two are Bobcats with one MP5 gunman. After disposing of the seventh you will receive $245 and $320 for the next. Target number nine is a Bobcat with an AK-47 gunman. Destroying this will reward you with $405. The next one is a Patriot with an M4 gunman. After eliminating this one you will get $500.

Targets 11-13

Number eleven and twelve are the same as number 10. Number eleven will give you $605, and number twelve will give you $720. Number thirteen will probably be the last one due to the lack of time. But this one is a Patriot with a Shotgun gunman with a reward of $845.


  • Wait to use an adrenaline pill until targets 10-13.
  • Aim for the driver if you have good aim. This eliminates having to shoot gunman or destroy the vehicle
  • You can optionally use the "Advanced Weapon" cheat to replace the MAC-10 into a MP5, which is more powerful and accurate.


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