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A.M. Beer is a brand of drink in the HD Universe which appears in various locations such as the Triangle Club in Grand Theft Auto IV and 24/7, Limited Service and Rob's Liquor convenience stores in Grand Theft Auto V


It is likely a parody of Japan's Asahi Beer. "Asahi" literally means "morning sun" or "rising sun", and "A.M." of course means "morning", while the background of the label is similar to the Rising Sun Flag of Japan. The beer pump labels include the characters ("nama"), meaning "draft", and 辛口 ("kara-kuchi") meaning "dry".



  • An overweight Angels of Death biker, widely known as the "Fat Biker" wears a shirt with the A.M. Beer logo on it.
  • The brand has the tag line Morning Golden Shower; As part of Rockstar Games' raunchy humor, it's a reference to a "golden shower", the act of urinating on someone as a sexual act.

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