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The AMCo. Headquarters is a 42 story 147 m (482,3 ft) skyscraper in Torrington on Staunton Island, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which serves as the headquarters of AMCo. Petroleum Company.


The building is located on the border of Torrington and Bedford Point in Downtown Staunton front to the FBI building to the left of 366, connected to the FBC Financial Group headquarters. The building has three main floors shown abroad in the Southwest, decorated with small bushes that lead to a terrace with stairs, as in the main part (where the entrance) where there is a path that leads to the bottom of the building where parking is the main entrance is on the back of it (facing the FBC Bank building). AMCo headquarters is not the only one in the city because there are also two branches in total, one in Portland and Shoreside Vale, but the difference is that they are smaller than this.


The only important role is in GTA LCS, in the mission Cam-Pain where are the first two years of Miles O'Donovan to which Toni Cipriani will have to destroy, Killing the defenders.


  • There is a Hidden Package found here in GTA III.
  • There is a Rampage found here in GTA III.
  • There is a rampage found here in GTA Liberty City Stories.


The following vehicles are located in the parking lot of the building:

GTA Liberty City Stories



  • AMCo. headquarters is the only building where one can access the roof.

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