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"Nothing says "I've made it in this town" like a N.O.O.S.E armored personnel carrier, equipped with a 360-degree rotatable turret and explosive ordnance."
―Official website Description

The APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) is an armored assault vehicle featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is commonly referred to as a NOOSE Tank.


The body of the APC bears a striking resemblance to the Soviet BRDM-2 scout car, with the front and cab design from a BTR-80, with side doors from a Cadillac Gage Commando. The APC features unusable panels intended to cover the windows and smaller windows over the main ones when these panels are closed (a feature similar to the BTR-80). Also, there are unusable hatches on the top.

As The Ballad of Gay Tony restores the over-the-top style of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the APC was created to fill a role similar to GTA San Andreas' S.W.A.T and the Rhino.

The vehicle labels NOOSE decals, police sirens and an explosive turret mounted on top of the APC.



The general performance of the APC seems to be superior to most heavy vehicles in the game in many ways. Its soft suspensions helps in providing the APC with generally reliable steering, especially at low speeds, and its brakes are also effective even in higher speeds, impressive for a large and heavy vehicle like the APC.

Its excessively heavy weight also allows the APC to push aside any small vehicle without much disruption in the APC's movement, and the shovel-shaped front allows the vehicle to pass over smaller vehicles easily. Since the APC is the heaviest vehicle in TBoGT, it's able to push a Bus with no effort, and it's only stopped with a lot of vehicles on the way, though the first one will be pushed to a side.

In terms of armor, the APC is also the most durable vehicle in TBoGT, being able to resist high speed impacts without any noticeable body deformation. The front is able to withstand several bullets from almost any type of weapon. Even though the APC has small but visible windows, shooting through them will not hurt the driver inside, making it safe for any occupant, like the Securicar, Police Stockade and Enforcer.

However, the APC's true strength lies in its prowess in combat, making the APC one of the most lethal combat vehicles in-game (still a step below that of the Buzzard, but can overwhelm the lightly armed Annihilator). It carries a turret loaded with explosive rounds, which is as powerful as an explosive round shot from an Explosive Shotgun or an Advanced Sniper. About four or five shots to any part of a car, and the car will catch fire. Afterwards, any medium-force impact will instantly explode the car. This becomes useful in wanted levels, as catching a Police Car behind the player on fire can make other Police Cars run into it, causing a dynamic chain explosion.


In terms of the APC's road-going abilities, the vehicle is evidently unintended for speedy travel. While the APC has a top speed of 59 mph/95 km/h [citation/verification needed], it possesses poor acceleration that dampens the APC's potential to reach its top speed and climb steep inclines.

Despite its well-apparent power, the APC has some minor drawbacks. Due to it being a special vehicle with severely limited window space, other weapons cannot be used, preventing one from throwing Sticky Bombs or passengers helping to fend off pursuers. The turret also has a limited field of view that is incapable of shooting high up into the air where pursuing police/NOOSE helicopters may linger, although, depending on the position of the player and the pursuing helicopter(s), it is possible to hit the helicopter if the player aims the turret properly.

Also, the APC's main flaw is its own high suspension. The suspensions' configuration increases the APC's susceptibility to rollovers due to uneven weight distribution during sharp turns. Entering a turn quickly will result in flipping the APC over (except if it flips back again). At this point, the player is unable to flip back an APC by any means (Excluding the exploding punch cheat or maybe another APC). It can be turned back by constantly firing the turret straight down into the ground. However, the APC will still take damage by the exploding projectiles.

Blowing up vehicles has a price: One can find it hard to maneuver around the burning car, resulting in the car exploding on impact. However, the APC is very durable, as covered below, and can resist up to three car explosions before catching fire itself.

While the APC is completely bulletproof in front of the back wheels, behind the back wheels there's the engine's main ventilation, where the vehicle can take damage from that area due to the low armor on this part. However, the APC itself has high durability, and can still withstand multiple shots of the Advanced MG on the weak spot. If one were to destroy an APC, he/she should aim at behind the turret at the air vents or using explosive weapons, such the Rocket Launcher or sticky bombs. One should take note that with these weapons, the APC will not be destroyed; instead, it will catch fire and blow up by itself soon afterwards. In the case of the Rocket launcher, it takes about 1 RPG hit to set the APC on fire and 1 more RPG hit to destroy it.

In other words, the APC is the strongest vehicle in TBOGT and perhaps the strongest vehicle in the whole game, but is still relatively weak compared to other armored vehicles in the series.


The Ballad of Gay Tony

TBoGT Multiplayer

  • In the parking lot of the East Holland LCPD Station in Algonquin. The vehicle can be found parked underneath in a small garage with no garage door. It's only available in Free Mode.
  • There is a dedicated race class where all racers drive the APC, during which the player can use the cannon, albeit with a slightly slower rate of fire and less powerful than the standard one.




  • Despite its name, it's more technically an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). Usually, an IFV sacrifices troop capabilities to obtain more firepower, while an APC is a vehicle that carries an amount of people with none or low firepower.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • The turret contains texts saying "Liberty's Problems Solved".
  • Although the APC is described on the official TBoGT website as an APC utilized by NOOSE, neither NOOSE nor the LCPD actually use the APC in-game to chase the player, except during "Frosting on the Cake" or when there is an APC in the area and a police or NOOSE officer gets in the vehicle.
    • In the said mission, the APC has a notable difference than the APC the player can drive. Instead of a turret that shoots explosive bullets, this APC has a minigun instead of normal explosive bullets. Also, a police officer drives the vehicle.
  • Even though it's considered to be a law enforcement vehicle, the player can pick up prostitutes and pay for their services.
  • The APC's horn is the same as the Firetruck's unique emergency horn.
  • The only time one can activate the use of radio stations in the APC is in multiplayer mode. This also applies to other emergency vehicles in GTA IV and EFLC.
  • Strangely, it has a normal car start sound, as opposed to a industrial truck start sound.
  • When used in races, if the player uses Nitro, one can see that the same comes from the lower points of the APC's vents, as if were a simple exhaust system of a conventional vehicle.
  • If a player manages to see through the APC's rear area (by reversing it into a wall, for example), one can see that the vent covers has the lower sides made with 6 texture sets of the APC itself.


  • The APC was supposed to make a return in Grand Theft Auto V, but was cut for unknown reasons. In the official GTA V trailer, a burnt APC shell can be seen, but the APC does not appear in the final version. Judging by the fact it occurs in a mission (actually The Paleto Score), it is possible that either the NOOSE or the Military will send an APC instead of a Rhino

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