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"I assume you've heard of Merryweather Security? Those warmongers for hire making billions in the Middle East? Well, now they're trying to expand their domestic operations. Some associates of mine are prepared to pay top dollar for a Titan transport plane if it can be relieved from Merryweather's protection at Los Santos International. Use a helicopter to get into the airport and stay out of restricted airspace. The buyers are waiting at Sandy Shores Airfield."
— Description

A Titan of a Job is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lester Crest


Merryweather Security are trying to expand their domestic operations. Just like in GTA V, Lester has a strong dislike for them, planning several heists and jobs against them. Now, Lester is interested in a Titan plane that Merryweather is keeping at their security hangar in the Los Santos International Airport. Lester's buyers will pay a lot for the plane when delivered. When the team arrives at the airport, the team isn't obliged to go to the hangar with a helicopter as Lester had advised; they can simply use a ramp at the airport's airside area main entrance with a car. It is advised to snipe as many soldiers as possible with a sniper rifle while remaining away from the hangar. Once all of the soldiers are dead, the team must raid the hangar and dispatch any additional soldiers, move the semi truck blocking in the plane, and fly the plane to the Sandy Shores Airfield where Lester's buyers are waiting for them.  

Players will not be pursued by Merryweather in-flight; however, the hangar will be reinforced by four Merryweather teams in Mesas if players do not take off immediately after activating the plane.

Mission objectives


  • If players do not move quickly and take off after activating the Titan, a total of three Merryweather Mesas - the closest one with two Merryweather mercenaries, the other two fully-loaded - will approach the player(s) at the hangar and open fire. They will not appear if player(s) take off immediately after starting the Titan's engine.
  • There is always a Mammatus parked next to the Titan hangar in this mission
  • When starting the mission, the game hour will be by default set to 9 PM. This is not the only mission where it happens.
  • A Dock Handler can be found in the hangar with the Titan, & can easily be entered & driven. If the player is inside this vehicle when the mission is completed, he/she will be able to retain the Dock Handler for personal use (be warned however that you will not be able to drive it past the Airport Terminal road you'll spawn on due to the vehicle's excess height).

Video walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - A Titan of a Job Hard Difficulty09:21

GTA Online - Mission - A Titan of a Job Hard Difficulty


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