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Exterior from Lompoc Avenue.

The Abandoned Factory (no name given) is a minor location featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is located off Lompoc Avenue in Industrial, Bohan.


The warehouse factory is extremely dilapidated, with nothing of real value to be found inside. Sometime in 2008, the Rascalov Family took up residence in the factory as a hideout, though they cannot be found in single player.

The factory makes a large appearance as the setting of the mission Hostile Negotiation. Niko Bellic storms the factory to save his cousin Roman, who has been kidnapped by Dimitri Rascalov in order to lure him into a trap. The plan fails, however, as Niko wipes out a portion of Dimitri's army, and makes his escape with Roman.

By 2009, the warehouse is being used by the Midtown Gangsters as their main base of operations.

After the Midtown Gangsters tried to become independent of the Triads, the Triad leader, Hsin Jaoming, orders Huang Lee to destroy the warehouse, with he successfully does in the mission The Wages of Hsin.

Mission Appearences

The Lost and Damned
GTA Chinatown Wars



  • An AK-47 spawns near the entrance during Hostile Negotiation, but does not spawn in singleplayer. There is an M4 in a room on the first floor though.
  • Similarly, no vehicles spawn on the premises except for a Bobcat which Niko and Roman make their escape in during the mission (as well as Stevie's Buccaneer, when he requests it).