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"We will send you an incredible education tool that will help you to unlock the secrets of the existence. That will cost as little as five thousand dollars."
Marnie Allen

The room in the mission.

Accepting the Truth is a stranger mission in GTA V for Protagonist Michael De Santa. It's the second mission in the truth mission series.


The player is directed to go to a small building opposite the property Pitchers near the corner of Alta Street and Clinton Avenue in Downtown Vinewood. When Michael steps inside, he is in a room full of cardboard boxes. A few seconds after, a woman named Marnie walks in behind him. She tells him about how she quit drugs because of the Epsilon Program, and she then proceeds to tell him about the Epsilon Program and its research. She then tells Michael that the only price he has to pay is $5000. He scoffs and says that it is a ridiculous amount. When Marnie says, "How much would you pay for enlightenment?" a man walks in saying, "All the pennies I ever earned". The two then proceed to try and convince Michael to donate to the cult in order to receive educational tools. Then the two exit the building through the front door, shouting "Kifflom!" to Michael as they walk away.



The boxes with the Belly-Up logo.

  • This is the first in-person appearance of Marnie in GTA V. It also confirms what happened to her after her encounters with Niko Bellic during the events of GTA IV.
  • The cardboard boxes in the room have the Belly-Up logo on them, recurring from GTA IV and GTA III.
  • The room will become inaccessible once the player has left it. It is also not possible to autosave whilst stood inside of the room.


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