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The Acter Bridge is a defunct bridge that crosses the canal which seperates Tudor from the Acter Industrial Park. The bridge's name isn't mentioned in-game and there is no known mission involving it, however the bridge has a distinct existance in the game. It resembles the real-life raising Stillwater Bridge, and it appears that it used to raise like the Callahan Bridge did. It seems it was bypassed by the Plumber's Skyway. It used to carry two both-way lanes, and raised when ships entered the canalway, it proably used to carry heavy traffic, since it is between two major industrial districts, it was proably abandoned for several reasons, 1. Bypassed; 2. Condemned; 3. No need to raise for boats; or 4. It was closed to provide land. The bridge was proably shut down many years ago, the road deck has plants growing out of it, the truss is rusted out, it is heavily damaged. It's northern approach is gone, but the southern approach is still there. It used to connect to Trinity Road to the south and Tinderbox Avenue to the north. It is also proabably is part of a old major road which ran from Alderney City to AIP which got bypassed by the Plumber's Skyway the said route runs north to south along Roebuck Road and turned onto Tinderbox Ave. and crossed over onto the bridge's northern approach.


  • Yankee (on north side occasionly)
  • Tug (In the water west of bridge)
  • Reefer (East of bridge all the time)


One on the bridge's southbound lane.


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