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"Greatly increased range, rate of fire and sniper zoom make this the ideal long range weapon."
Description from the TBoGT website.

The Advanced Sniper is a sniper rifle featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony.



The advanced sniper rifle is based on the German DSR-1, a bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured and marketed by DSR-Precision GmbH. The DSR-1 is a bull-pup rifle, a firearm in which the action is located in the stock, allowing a shorter and lighter rifle.

In-game, the advanced sniper rifle is colored silver with a black scope. Its design has a fully adjustable rear stock, cheek piece and fluted barrel. It has two ammo magazines; one before the rifle's handle, and in the stock (As with other bullpup rifles). Thanks to the dual magazine, the advanced sniper can hold up to 10 rounds per magazine, unlike the normal sniper rifle, which can hold only 5 rounds per magazine.



Advanced rifle's scope.

The advanced sniper uses 7.62x51mm NATO variant, evidenced by its 26" barrel and the width of its magazine. Being a long ranged rifle, it is a very powerful firearm, being able to take down an un-armed pedestrian with one shot even from a long distance. The advanced sniper is also highly accurate which possesses an unreal 0.2 MOA accuracy under favorable conditions; its real-life counterpart is often considered one the most accurate firearms in the world.

The advanced rifle has a secondary ammo of explosive bullets. The explosives bullets are highly destructive and can cause significantly higher damage than the normal rounds. The power of the bullets' explosions vary between game modes; in singleplayer, the exploding rounds are as powerful as grenades and sticky bombs, while in multiplayer they are only effective as the automatic shotgun's explosive bullets. These round can also hurt the player if they shoot too close to themselve, so it is nearly useless at close range compared to normal bullets.



The Advanced Rifle in the hands of the terrorism expert, as seen in the 'Weazel News' trailer for TBoGT.

The advanced sniper rifle is not used by any enemies in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is solely used by the player-controlled character, Luis Fernando Lopez. The weapon was also shown in use by a "Terrorism Expert" in the 'Weazel News' trailer for TBoGT.


  • Given by Yusuf Amir in the mission Caught with your Pants Down. The player has to free an APC from a Skylift with the advanced sniper.
  • Available for purchase from Armando Torres after the above mission. It costs $4,750 while a magazine costs $200.
  • Available via cheating with the code "486-555-0100".
    • Its explosives rounds can be activated via the cheat "486-555-2526".


There is a glitch that if you keep crouching and shooting at the same time, the weapon will fire in automatic mode.



  • The final version of TBOGT features a green-tinted scope vision. During the DLC's beta version, the advanced sniper had a normal scope.
  • Alongside the Assault SMG (FN P90), the advanced sniper rifle was the first bullpup firearm to be featured in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


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