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Mountaintop view of the arial tramway


The Aerial Tramway is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V, similar to Grand Theft Auto IV's Sky Car. The tramway is located in Pala Springs. Pala Springs is located at the northeast of the map, on the Great Ocean Highway. If the player runs toward the building the tramway is located on (marked as a Cable Car destination) and runs up the steps, he can wait for the tram to come to the station. If the player pays $10, he can take a ride on the tramway to the top of Mount Chiliad. Up on the mountain, the player has the choice to either pay $10 and go back to Pala Springs, or look through the nearby binoculars. They can also be destroyed by sticky bombs on the rail. The tram itself operates similar to the subway in Los Santos. The player is free to enter the tram at any time, however to ride the tram a $10 fee is required. Unlike Grand Theft Auto IV, the player can enter vehicle and walk around the car. The player won't take a seat until the tram fee is paid. Bicycles and motorbikes can also be taken on the tram.


  • The aerial tramway is most likely based on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, famous for being the largest rotating tramway in the world.

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