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The African-American Gang, possibly named M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches/Bullshit), are an African-American street gang based in the Firefly Projects (Broker), Liberty City and in the city of Acter, Alderney. In 2008, one of its members, Jermaine Andrews, took a ride from Niko Bellic to take some stolen merchandise from a vehicle, though they were ambushed by the LCPD. The gang owns a Pay 'n' Spray on Gibson Street in Hove Beach and primarily makes money through drug-trafficking, vehicle theft and selling stolen car parts. They also have influence in South Bohan as they operate out of an apartment and a garage for their drug-trafficking operations. However, outside of missions, members cannot be seen in South Bohan.

They can be easily identifiable by their hip-hop/street inspired, baggy/flashy clothing and jewelry. They can be found hanging around and talking in groups or walking around in their territory. They can also be seen driving around in customized Patriots and Landstalkers. The gang's favorite radio stations are The Beat 102.7, The Classics 104.1 and The Vibe 98.8.

Like all gangs in Grand Theft Auto IV (except the Irish Mob and the Jamaican Mafia after certain missions), if the player walks or runs into a member, hits a member with a car, starts a fight, aims a weapon at them or shoots a weapon in their territory; they will often react with hostility.

It is unknown if the african-americans operate as one large, inter-connected gang or operate individually as many smaller gangs and groups across Liberty City. For example, the african american's in Acter may operate independently from those in the Firefly Projects.

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  • The African Americans share the same pedestrian skins as the North Holland Hustlers. The difference is that the North Holland Hustlers are associated with Playboy X and Dwayne Forge and are only influenced and referenced within missions. Likewise, the North Holland Hustlers focus exclusively on drug-trafficking and only have influence in North Holland as opposed to the African Americans.
  • Gang members can be heard saying: "Does the B stand for bullshit or bitches?"
  • Around the Firefly Projects a wall can be found with graffiti reading M.O.B.
  • They do not appear in any missions in GTA Chinatown Wars, but they still operate and sell drugs in-game
  • Despite operating numerous fronts in South Bohan for their drug-trafficking operations, members cannot be found on the streets outside of missions.
  • The members of the gang seen in Shadow can be seen walking around districts with African-American presence, as normal pedestrians. Interesting to note is, that the two guys waiting in the house, will never fight you when you punch them on the street. The drug dealer with the red-striped shirt, however, will fight you, and rarely pull out a pistol.
  • The members seen in Street Sweeper are actually using pedestrian models which are very light-black skinned, which ones can be found in areas with African-American and/or Dominican/Hispanic/Latino presence.
  • There is a real life gang in New York City called Money Over BitchesThe New Gangs of New York.

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