"Major international airline that has taken all the fun out of flying by monetizing every last detail of the travel experience, from the peanuts to the restrooms."
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Air Emu is an airline corporation featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The player can buy stocks of Air Emu from the website.


Several Air Emu aircraft can be found and flown in Los Santos International Airport.

Their fleet consists primarily of small airplanes, such as Shamals, this and the fact that one of the destinations listed from Air Emu in the terminals of the Los Santos Airport says regional, could suggest that the company have a more regional area of operation, however, this is disproved by the description in the website, who state that Air Emu is an international company.

In the mission Caida Libre, Javier Madrazo is the only passenger in the Air Emu Shamal, suggesting that the company also performs private flights, which would be in line with the quote on their billboards: "Take our birds anywhere you like".

The "Take our birds anywhere you like" slogan also has reference in the word "bird", which is an Australian vernacular word meaning "Young woman". The billboard bearing the slogan also depicts a young woman wearing a uniform that reveals a lot of cleavage.


The brand is a parody of Qantas Airways, who are an Australian airline famous for their "Flying Kangaroo" logo. The Emu is a native Australian bird with as much cultural significance as a Kangaroo, and is even considered to be the National Bird of Australia. Also, the Emu is an ironic mascot choice for an airline considering that it is a flightless bird.

The brand's color scheme is Gold and Dark Blue, similar to to the brand colors of Foster's Lager, a famous "Australian" brand of beer.

The logo also has a strong resemblance of Lufthansa's logo.

Events of GTA V

In the mission Caida LibreMichael De Santa shoots down an Air Emu Shamal in a bid to kill Martin Madrazo's cousin, Javier Madrazo, and recover a briefcase of files that Javier was going to use against Martin in court.

Incidents and Accidents

The only known incident to have happened in GTA V is Michael shooting down Javier's Air Emu Shamal in Sandy Shores. It crashed just outside of Grapeseed. Only Javier was the survivor of the crash, although he was killed afterwards by Trevor.



  • Air Emu's main rival is FlyUS, as their stocks are affected by the large airline company. In fact, if the player buys Air Emu stocks and destroys several FlyUS Jets, their stock will raise a bit.
  • The stewardess uniform in Air Emu advert is similiar to the Britney Spears "Toxic" music video.
  • The Air Emu slogan features a double meaning showing another example of Rockstar's sense of humour. "Take our birds anywhere you like" suggests that the hostesses may take part in sexual acts with airline passengers.
    • This could also be a reference to a Qantas Airways stewardess who gained notoriety in 2007 after having sex with a passenger in an aircraft toilet.