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"A surreal stagnant oasis in the desert. The water might look clean but it can burn through a man's lower intestine in seconds."
―GTA V Manual

The Alamo Sea is a salt lake located in the middle of Blaine County, San Andreas. The Alamo Sea is the largest body of water located on the San Andreas mainland. The Alamo Sea is surrounded by Mount Chiliad to the north, Grapeseed to the northeast, Stab City to the west and Sandy Shores to the south.

It is described as "a putrid, salt-rich lake whose waters are unlikely to be home to anything you’d want to go fishing for". The sea is probably toxic, as it is described as being able to "burn through a man's lower intestine in seconds". Despite these claims, the player is able to wade and swim in the water freely. However, large amounts of trash and debris litter the shores of this lake, further hinting of how polluted the sea is. Many dead fish can be seen lining up the coastline.


The Alamo Sea is based off of the Salton Sea in Southern California. It is named after the Alamo River, which drains into the Salton Sea. 

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  • The Alamo Sea is the largest lake to ever appear in the GTA Series.
  • The Alamo Sea is affected by tides, meaning the water will rise and decline depending on the time of day.

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