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Alan McClean is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing on the promotional "Lifeinvader" website for Grand Theft Auto V.


McClean is a retired Marine. He is divorced, and apparently was abusive towards his children. McClean also wrote a book called "Hitting Kids Works Wonders", and opened a boot camp based on it.[1]

He is interested in "parental discipline done right", spelunking, dune buggies, Roman history, gladiator books and Marines.[2]

Alan McClean can be heard on WCTR on the Fernando Show after Sue Murry gives a negative opinion on his book. He then calls in and begins to insult Sue Murry and says that she deserves a spanking by a marine and then promptly hung up on. [[ferna



  1. Alan McClean: "Getting ready for my HKWW boot camp. Kids and Dads weekend off the grid where we go through the 9 steps from my book Hitting Kids Works Wonders. Your kid may come back a bit bruised, but he’ll never disrespect you again. And that’s a fact."
  2. McClean's "Interested In" section.



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