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'''[[File:Albany_ave.png|thumb|Albany Ave (red) in the Algonquin map.]]Albany Avenue''' is a long 21-block [[List of Street Names|avenue]] in ''[[Grand Theft Auto IV]]''. It is the second longest street in [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. It runs from the southern end of [[East Holland]] to the southern end of [[The Exchange]]/[[Castle Gardens]], running through [[East Holland]], [[Lancaster]], [[Middle Park East]], [[Hatton Gardens]], [[Lancet]], [[Easton]], [[Presidents City]], [[Lower Easton]], [[Fishmarket North]], [[Fishmarket South]], [[Chinatown]] and the [[The Exchange]]/[[Castle Gardens]]. in [[Algonquin]]. It, by location, is likely based on New York's [[wp:First Avenue (Manhattan)|First Avenue]].
#REDIRECT [[Albany Avenue]]
==Notable Landmarks==
*[[Civilization Committee]]
*[[Subway in GTA IV|Subway stations]] - [[Quartz East LTA|Quartz East]], [[Manganese East LTA|Manganese East]], and [[Emerald LTA|Emerald]] stations
*[[Middle Park East Safehouse]]
*[[Desratar]] Wine Store
*[[Africa Tower]]
*[[60 Diner]]
*[[Al Dente's]]
*One [[Stunt Jumps in GTA IV|Stunt Jump]], in the [[Civilization Committee]] compound
*Three [[Flying Rats]]
*The name of the street may be derived from the capital of real-life New York State, [[wp:Albany|Albany]].
*It may also be named after the real-life Albany Avenue, in Brooklyn.
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