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(Every radio station in any version (PSP, DS, IPhone, IPAD) of CW have no lyrics!)
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[[Category:Radio Stations]]
[[Category:Radio Stations]]
[[Category:Radio Stations in GTA Chinatown Wars]]
[[Category:Radio Stations in GTA Chinatown Wars]]
[[Category:Rap Stations]]

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Alchemist is a Hip-hop radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. All the songs have been made by Gangrene, a collaboration between The Alchemist and Oh No.


  • Gangrene - "The Lost One"
  • Gangrene - "Haha"
  • Gangrene - "Assassin"
  • Gangrene - "Crimerate"
  • Gangrene - "Future Trains"
  • Gangrene - "Clubster"
  • Gangrene - "The Thirst"
  • Gangrene - "Quick Jux"
  • Gangrene - "Crack"
  • Gangrene - "Tight"

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