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Alderney Ferry Terminal

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Alderney Ferry Terminal

Alderney Ferry Terminal

Alderney Ferry Terminal in Alderney City, Alderney.

The Alderney Ferry Terminal is located just off Asahara Road, near the entrance of the Booth Tunnel, in Alderney City, State of Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is based on The Hoboken Terminal in Hoboken, NJ.

However, in game, it is otherwise known as Liberty Ferry Terminal. It is run by the LTA (Liberty Transport Authority). This is strange considering the ferry terminal is actually located in the independent State of Alderney, its misnaming could have been a mistake made by Rockstar during the development of GTA IV and its episodes.

The terminal has altogether five ports for ships to anchor. However, only one of the ports have red light for the guidance of the ships. It is the second port from the right of the terminal. Despite this, no ferries nor cruise liners are spotted entering the terminal. The five ports are always empty. It may serve as a spot for Liberty city citizens to travel by sea, and may also serve as a spot for legal immigrants to enter Liberty city. In the middle of the terminal, there are three bus stops and also a huge bus box for buses to park there and carry passengers. However, no buses are seen driving into the terminal, and also there are no bus routes which are available to the player. The terminal has a pretty tight security, with Alderney policemen carrying M4 Carbine Rifles stationed in every corner of the terminal. Despite this, in one of GTA TBOGT Drug Wars Stash mission, the stash was located inside the terminal, which is presumed it was brought in by sea. Ironically, the Alderney policemen were missing during that particular drug war. Although it is run by the LTA, the terminal is not really a pretty side from the view of the sea, with the letters 'L' and 'T' of the word 'Liberty' missing, together with the letter 'R' of the word 'ferry' missing, which shows how badly the terminal is being managed.

The Alderney Ferry Terminal has its first major role during the first random encounter with Eddie Low, when Niko drives Eddie to the ferry terminal to dump a duffle bag (Presumably with a dead body inside) in the river. It is also the location of a Most Wanted mission. There is an armor at the end of the easternmost "wall".

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