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Aleks Thornton is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is never seen during the game, but his Identity document can be found in the game's files.[1]


Aleks Thornton's identity document found in TBOGT's files shows he is an agent, more specifically, the Director, of the Central Intelligence Agency.

His file mentions the Algonquin borough of Liberty City, most likely the place where he lives/operates in; the file also mentions "Berkley House", which is probably the name of his residence place.

His phone number is 0001-4742-6002-2006, while his fax number is 0001-4742-6002-2010.

Identity document


DCI Aleks Thornton

Berkley House

Unit 25b



Tel: 0001 4742 6002 2006

Fax: 0001 4742 6002 2010


  • He is the first, and only known CIA agent in the HD Universe of the series. While Grand Theft Auto V features an in-game version known as the IAA, it is most likely this group was created after TBOGT was released, in 2009.
  • DCI stands for "Director of Central Intelligence", although the position was replaced by "Director of the Central Intelligence Agency" and "Director of National Intelligence" in 2005.



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