Cortez: "Gracias, amigo. Hasta luego."
Tommy: "Adios, amigo."
Tommy bids farewell to Colonel Cortez

All Hands On Deck is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by retired army colonel Juan Cortez from his boat docked in Ocean Bay Marina in Ocean Beach, Vice City.


The French secret service has discovered that Cortez sent the courier (in Mall Shootout) to steal the missile technology guidance chips, and now they want them back. Cortez, however, wants to keep them and so is escaping Vice City on his yacht. He asks Tommy for assistance. The boat leaves dock, with French secret servicemen firing from the docks and four boats following the yacht. Tommy fights them off and then more gunmen on Dinghys. The yacht reaches a bridge, which is blocked by more boats. More servicemen are also climbing on board, but Tommy again manages to defeat them. The French then attack with two Maverick helicopters and then a Hunter, with Tommy destroying all three. When in the open sea, Cortez asks Tommy to keep an eye on Mercedes and gives Tommy a speedboat to return to Vice City. Despite being told to keep the speedboat as a gift, there is no way to actually save the speedboat as there is no 'garage' for boats, but it will respawn where Cortez's yacht used to be.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Defend the Colonel and his yacht at all costs
  • Get up front and clear the route for the Colonel's yacht
  • Shoot down the helicopters, do not endanger the yacht
  • Shoot the attacking helicopter out of the sky

Post mission phone call

Kent Paul: Alright, Tommy, it's Paul. I just heard from a mush that you've been a real naughty boy. Somebody has taken offense to you acting like the big guy all of a sudden, giving it the big shot thing. Well, don't say I never warned you or nothing. Boasting is a mug's game, son. Anyway, I heard there's some price been put on your head and someone's going to have a crack at you, so watch yourself, and remember me, mate.


The reward for completing the mission is $ 5,000 and a Speeder, which cannot be saved, but will re-spawn where Cortez's yacht used to be.

Obtain the Black Washington

There is a method to obtain the unique Washington, confirmed on IOS port:

  1. Once the mission starts and the cutscene ends, immediately kill Cortez.
  2. The mission will obviously fail, but the player must quickly move to the marker in order to restart the mission. This must be done before the retry popup shows up. If this step failed return to step one.
  3. After the mission has been restarted, the game may jump to the pause menu, just tap resume. Then commit suicide by jumping into water.
  4. A bug will occur here. Tommy will respawn at the nearest hospital, but the mission is not failed. Go to where the French parked their Washingtons. Do not enter any vehicle from now on, or else Tommy must return to step one.
  5. Use Tommy's body to push one Washington towards the mission start point. If the player cannot recognize it, the Cheetah spawn point is close enough for the players to identify. Get close, but not too close.
  6. Now enter any vehicle besides the Washington.
  7. This will cause the mission to fail, with the game stating that Cortez has died and the player should refuse to retry. This is because any vehicle entered before, if entered after the mission has failed, will cause Tommy unable to exit unless vehicle is destroyed/Tommy is arrested. Once the mission is failed, the player appears outside of a vehicle right before the starting point, the Washington is still there if done correctly.
  8. Get to the Washington and save it in a safehouse garage.


  • The French Secret service that attack the player are the same model as a pedestrian that is seen throughout the city.
  • The player receives a katana at the start of the mission. If they don't have a submachine gun or an assault rifle in their inventory, they will receive an Uzi and/or a Ruger as well.
  • Cortez's Speeder is shown as having a red primary body color when being lowered in the sea, but the Speeder the player is in after the mission is white.
  • Three boats were used by the French agents. The moving boats are Dinghies. The blocking boats at the bridge are Tropics and Marquis. At the start they steal other boats though.
  • Even if all of Cortez's sidekicks are killed, they will still be heard saying "Oh my god! They got a helicopter!" and "Shoot the helicopter!".
  • The French Secret service use black Washingtons, which are easily confused for FBI Washingtons, as their cars. These are unique to the mission and cannot be obtained without tweaks, such as jumping on one of the French's boats and driving to the marina.
  • If the player manages to go to the ground, they can see that streets are empty, and therefore no wanted level can be obtained.
  • This is the only mission whereas pedestrian-manned helicopters appear, hedshotting the pilot will make their body fall out like in a regular car, followed by the affected chopper decending rapidly.
  • The Hunter used in the mission never uses its rockets.
  • This is the only time in the game when Cortez appears out of cutscenes.


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