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Alta Street is a north-south street in Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The street runs from Downtown Vinewood in the north to the Maze Bank Arena in the south. It is one of the longest streets in Los Santos, running through Hawick, Alta, Pillbox Hill, Strawberry and La Puerta. It has connections to Davis Avenue, Innocence Boulevard, Adam's Apple Boulevard, Vespucci Boulevard, San Andreas Avenue, Integrity Way, Occupation Avenue, Hawick Avenue, Spanish Avenue, Vinewood Boulevard, Clinton Avenue and Power Street.


Alta Street is likely a reference to Hill Street, which also generally runs from the southwest to the northeast. In Los Angeles, the southern end of Hill Street is near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In Los Santos, the southern end of Hill Street starts near Maze Bank Arena. Both streets proceed northeast through their respective downtowns and end north of them. Alta is the Spanish word for "High", hence the connection with Hill.

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