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Amanda: "He's not staying the night. He's a bum!"
Tracy: "Oh my God!"
―Amanda argues with her daughter.

Amanda is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Rockstar describes Amanda's background as she is "bound" to her husband Michael by their past lives, but now they can't stand each other anymore. Dan Houser states that Michael has been "awful" to her. Together they have two children, Jimmy and Tracy.


Even though she spends all of her husband's money, Dan Houser says that she has a "strong personality" and the vibe that she and Michael have is "funny".

Events of GTA V

It is quite likely that Amanda will feature as a friend that the player (probably Michael) can do activities with. One of the activities she likes may be Tennis as she is wearing a Tennis outfit during the second trailer. She is seen cheating on Michael with another man in the trailer, which Michael reacts by chasing the man out the balcony.


  • Amanda's Sentinel XS' number plate is 'KRYST4L'.


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