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A parked Ambulance in GTA San Andreas

The Ambulance is an emergency vehicle that has appeared in every game in the series so far (except Grand Theft Auto 2, where a paramedic car called the Medicar is featured instead). Ambulances are usually found near hospitals and, in Grand Theft Auto III-era games, can be used to start the paramedic sub-mission.


The vehicle invariably features red and white lights and sirens and a matching paint scheme. Throughout the series the siren sound has varied slightly, as has the design of the vehicle itself. If the player decides to go on a killing spree and many Pedestrians are killed, an ambulance will arrive and two paramedics will get out and attempt to revive the wounded. Typically if paramedics are killed it creates more police attention than other civilians. Handling-wise, the Ambulance is fairly fast for its class and has decent brakes, but is very top heavy and unstable, making it prone to rolling over under rough cornering. The ambulance chassis appears to be a modified version of that used for the Enforcer, but is shorter, has different markings, and differently colored lights. Furthermore, the sound of the siren on each vehicle is distinct.

In all GTA III era games, the player receives 20 points of health upon entering an Ambulance. The GTA III era Ambulances are based on various generations of the Ford E-series chassis, mainly the third and fourth generations.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the player can dial 911 to summon a Brute Ambulance, from which the player can replenish their health for a price, or steal to regain some, but not all, of their health. Although the Ambulance sports a 'Brute' badge on the front, it is clearly a modified version of the Declasse Burrito.

Paramedic side-mission

Main article: Paramedic

The Paramedic side-mission can be toggled on or off when driving the ambulance in all GTA III-era games. This mission requires the player to find, pick up and deliver patients to the hospital within a time limit, while endeavoring to drive as safely as possible (each bump further injures the passengers). With every level comes another patient to deliver, increasing the difficulty. Usually when the player beats level 12 the mission is complete (but can be carried on and replayed later) and a reward is achieved, e.g. infinite sprint or extra health.


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