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America's Next Top Hooker
Top Hooker-logo
Game(s) Grand Theft Auto IV
Channel CNT
Main Character(s) Lazlow Jones

America's Next Top Hooker is a TV show in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is a competitive reality television show where the female contestants compete against each other to prove that they are the best hooker (often involving performing sexual acts with multiple partners or for an extended period of time). It is clearly a parody of America's Next Top Model,

The show appears on the CNT line-up, but cannot be viewed on any safehouse TV. During one of its radio commercials, the announcer states that Crystal won the previous season of ANTH. The commercials sponsoring the show can be heard on most of the radio stations in Liberty City.



  • The show's theme song can be downloaded from VIP Luxury Ringtones as a ringtone for the player's cell phone. A wallpaper with the ANTH logo is also available.
  • ANTH is a sponsor of "Just or Unjust" on WKTT: We Know the Truth.
  • The logo may be inspired by the logo of the British television series Top Gear.
  • Before the song "Wet Em Up" by Tru Life plays, the DJ will announce on The Beat 102.7 that "America's Next Top Hooker will be in the building!"
  • Occasionally, one may hear female NPCs remarking that she was going to be late watching America's Next Top Hooker.
  • The show is also advertised on the sides of Buses.

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