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This page lists all clothing available to purchase from Ammu-Nation stores in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor

Item Price
Navy Boiler Suit $105
Gray Boiler Suit $105
Green Boiler Suit $105
Brown Shooting Vest $150
Taupe Shooting Vest $150
Ammu-Nation Camo Hoodie $60
LSGC Urbam Hoodie $$80
LSGC Gray Hoodie $70
Brown Woven Shooting Vest $150
Field Camo Shooting Vest $160
Forest Camo Shooting Vest $160
Ammu-Nation A Hoodie $80
Blauser Hoodie $70
LSGC Forest Hoodie $90


Item Price
Tung Charcoal Shades $69
Tung Ash Shades $69
Tung Gray Shades $69
Tung Red Shades $69
Tung Blue Shades $69
Tung Yellow Shades $69
Tung Black Shades $69
Tung Rosy Shades $69
Tung Hornet Shades $69
Tung Two-Tone Shades $69


Item Price
Orange Tint Contour Shades $75
Slate Contour Shades $75
Gray Contour Shades $75
Brown Contour Shades $75
Burgundy Contour Shades $75
Chocolate Contour Shades $75
Black Contour Shades $75
Purple Tint Contour Shades $75
Blue-Gray Contour Shades $75
White Contour Shades $75
Racer Shades $110


Item Price
Tung Charcoal Shades $75
Tung White Shades $75
Tung Ash Shades $75
Tung Red Shades $75
Tung Blue Shades $75
Tung Black Shades $75
Tung Orange Tint Shades $75
Tung Purple Tint Shades $75
Tung Hornet Shades $75
Tung Two-Tone Shades $75
OG Black Shades $60
OG Ash Shades $50
OG Red Shades $50
OG Yellow Shades $59
OG Brown Shades $55
OG Gray Shades $55
OG Blue Shades $65
OG Smoke Shades $59
OG Orange Shades $79
OG Slate Shades $79

Heist Gear

After the Heists Update is installed, all the equipment used in the online Heists, was included to the Ammu-Nation. Only available in GTA Online.

Heist Gear
Item Image Price
Rebreather Rebreather-GTAO $5,000
Night Vision Night Vision GTAO $17,500
LCD Earpiece Earpiece GTAO LCD $1,500
Red Earpiece Earpiece GTAO Red $1,350
Gray Earpiece Earpiece GTAO Gray $1,200

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