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An American Divorce is a classic Vinewood film produced in 1978 by Richards Majestic Productions. It features on the in game Classic Vinewood website. It stars Jack Moore and Sally Sherman.


"In the age of free love, everything has a price."

A tear-jerky. pseudo-feminist melodrama about “ordinary people’ (i.e. bored rich socialites in Liberty City) having cowardly affairs, doing coke in disco boots, getting divorced and fighting for custody of their over-privileged, one-dimensional children in the 1970s. 'An American Divorce" won lots of awards because it captured the Zeitgeist of a decade that completely threw in the towel on moral responsibility and musical taste. After an hour and a half of watching upper-middleclass white people with enormous afros weep in Algonquin cafes and spurting mawkish dialogue like “But my kids are my life!" and “It’s time I did something for myself!”, the inevitable happy ending can't come fast enough. We won’t ruin it for you, but everyone dies, thank God.

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