Marco's Bistro, Liberty City. Sonny Forelli receives a phone call from Tommy Vercetti regarding the unsuccessful drug deal.
Tommy Hello Sonny.
Sonny Tommy! Tommy. It's been too long. (Tommy sighs on the other end of the phone) I know, I know. You're just overwhelmed with emotion. Fifteen years - seems like only yesterday.
Tommy I guess that's a perspective thing.
Sonny Hey, doing time for the the family is no piece of cake, but the family looks after its own, OK? So, how'd the deal go down - you sitting on some white gold?
Tommy Look, Sonny, we were set up. The deal was an ambush. Harry and Lee are dead.
Sonny You better be kidding me, Tommy. Tell me you still got the money.
Tommy No Sonny, I don't have the money.
Sonny That was my money Tommy, MY MONEY! (Sonny slams the phone down on the table before picking it up again) You better not be screwing me, Tommy because you know I'm not a man to be screwed with!
Tommy Wait Sonny. You have my personal assurance that I'm gonna get you your money back and the drugs. And I'm gonna mail you the dicks of those responsible.
Sonny Hey. I already know that. You're not a fool Tommy, but I warn you, neither am I. If it was anybody else you'd be DEAD already. But because it's you, because we got history, I'm gonna let you handle this.
Tommy Look, Sonny, you got my word.
Sonny I'll be in touch.
Sonny hangs up and Tommy angrily throws the phone to the floor.