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Sonny: "So how'd the deal go down? You sitting on some whtie gold?"
Tommy: "Look, Sonny, we were set up. The deal was an ambush. Harry and Lee are dead."
Tommy Vercetti tells Sonny Forelli about the ambushed deal

An Old Friend is the only storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Forelli Family Don Sonny Forelli from the Ocean View Hotel, located along Ocean Drive in Ocean BeachVice City.


Tommy enters the Ocean View Hotel and goes to his room there. After entering his room, he calls his boss Sonny, a high-ranking member of the Forelli Family. Sonny wants to know how the drug deal involving Tommy and the Vance Crime Family went. Tommy informs him that the deal was ambushed and that both Harry and Lee, who had accompanied him, are dead. Sonny asks if he at least still has the money, which Tommy does not. An irate Sonny reminds Tommy that he is "not a man to be screwed with" and that Tommy will have to get his money back. Tommy reassures Sonny that he will get him his money and his drugs back, even though this is a set up as seen during the cut scene when Sonny answers the phone, both the money and the drugs are on the table in front of him. The phone conversation ends, with Tommy angrily throwing the phone on the floor.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the car
  • Drive to the Ocean View Hotel
  • Enter the building
  • Go to the stairway


  • When Tommy throws the phone after talking with Sonny, you can clearly see the phone bouncing back, although he threw it straight.


Video walkthroughs

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