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The Angel Pine Junkyard is a large facility featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


It is situated just north of the small town of Angel Pine in Whetstone. Large construction vehicles and processing facilities dominate this small patch of land, which abuts the narrow channel that separates Whetstone from the remainder of Flint County and San Fierro to the north. The facility remains unused during the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and serves as little more than a location to collect various vehicles, including a beaten-up Glendale of the type normally referred to as a ghost car, a stop for the Trucking side-mission, and a Desert Eagle.

Stationary vehicles

  • "Beater" Glendale - Near the northeastern-most hangar
  • BMX - Near a trailer
  • Two Cement Trucks - Inside each of the two northeastern-most hangars
  • Dozer - Parked just south of the western-most hangar
  • Tow Truck - Parked just north of the western-most hangar



  • Occasionally, vehicles may enter the junkyard whilst being pursued by a Police Ranger. The Police will remain in the area until the occupants of the vehicle they are chasing have been killed.


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