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The Angels of Death's clubhouse in The Lost and Damned.

The Angels of Death Clubhouse is a location in The Lost and Damned.


This is the hangout for the Angels of Death biker gang.

The clubhouse can be found in North Holland on the island of Algonquin. The clubhouse can be found on GTA IV but however isn't accessible to the player. In The Lost and Damned it is accessible during the mission Action/Reaction. In The Lost and Damned, the player can arm wrestle outside of the clubhouse. The clubhouse's exterior features a window and two double-door entrances at the north side and an exit on the west side. The interior features a bar and and upstairs bedroom. It is not intended to be accessible otherwise, however there is a glitch that helps the player get inside and explore it freely, it works on both downloadable version and Episodes from Liberty City version of The Lost and Damned. This glitch also works in the Episodes from Liberty City version of The Ballad of Gay Tony, seeing that both DLC'S are on the same disc.

Despite not being open during the single player, the clubhouse in fully accessible in both The Lost and Damned's and The Ballad of Gay Tony's multiplayer.



A few years before 2008, the Angels of Death MC gang bought the place and made it their club.

Events of The Lost and Damned

By 2008, the place still serves as the club of the Liberty City Chapter of the gang. Members of the gang often arm wrestles and hangout near the club. The Angels of Death gets a large amount of Heroin from their allies, the Triads, and keep that in the club.

"Now take one of these grenades and put it through their window."
Billy Grey to Johnny Klebitz, ordering the attack on the club.

After Lost MC member Jason Michaels was killed, the Lost's leader, Billy Grey blamed the Angels of Death about Jason's death. Billy takes the high-ranking members of the gang; Johnny Klebitz, Jim Fitzgerald, Brian Jeremy, Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons to the club, and stops near it.

Billy then launches an attack on the club, starting with Johnny who throws a grenade through the club's window, leading to a large fire in the club. Many members of the Angels of Death MC comes from the back door of the club in order to kill the Lost MC members, but end up killed. Billy and Johnny then enters the gang, and finishes off the last members. Billy then orders Brian to take the heroin. The Lost MC mebers then escape from the area, and the police arrives to the place.

The attack on the club left the Liberty City Chapter of the gang weak, and without a central hangout place. The Angels of Death managed to recover the club sometimes after the event.


  • Upstairs, the clubhouse has a surprisingly clean bathroom, much cleaner than the Lost MC Clubhouse.
  • After you have completed the mission Action/Reaction, quickly go to the AOD Clubhouse. There might be a chance that the front doors are still open.
  • Next to the jukebox, an OG Loc album can be found, somewhat ironically considering that the AOD are apparently white supremacists.
  • There is a poster of a topless woman (resembling Chloe Parker) in the basement, to the left of the staircase.
  • It is possible to enter the 2nd floor of the clubhouse through the wide open window over the front doors by stealing a Yankee, parking it even with the overhang, climbing on the Yankee's roof and then jumping onto the overhang. However once inside, you can only look down into the bar area and not go any further. (tested in TBoGT).


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