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"National chain of all-natural pet food stores, because half of the world is starving but Fido only eats organic."
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Animal Ark is a chain of all-natural pet food stores in Grand Theft Auto V.


It was founded in 2010 by Gray Nicholson at the age of 17. A sign advertising the business can be found 0.92 miles away from the store on Route 68 in HarmonyBlaine County

The company is listed in the LCN and anyone can buy or sell shares of the company. In one of the random encounters, the player will meet the founder in trouble. If he is helped, later on he'll send $100,000 worth of the company's shares to the player.



  • Animal Ark got its name from "Noah's Ark", based on the logo with the animals on a boat. This is hinted towards the fact that it's logo is animals on a boat.

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