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Annis (Japanese: アンニス) is a Japanese car company in the HD Universe.


Annis is based on the real life company Nissan. The name is a close anagram of Nissan. The Annis logo, however, looks similar to the 1992–1997 Mazda logos.


Image Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes

The Elegy RH8 in Grand Theft Auto V.

Elegy RH8 Sports car 2007-present Nissan GT-R Exclusive to Rockstar Games Social Club members.

The Pinnacle in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pinnacle Mid-size sedan 2004-2008 Nissan Maxima
The RE-7B in Grand Theft Auto Online.
RE-7B Sports/Endurance racing car Nissan R390 GT1
Mazda 787B
Audi R18
Added as part of the Cunning Stunts update for Grand Theft Auto Online.


  • Annis is almost a direct anagram of Nissan, being the last two letters followed by the first three. The only omission is a second "S". Its name is also a play on the word "anus".
    • Similarly, its logo also resembles an anus.
    • Curiously, Annis is also an anagram of the Japanese term Ni-san, a term used to refer to a younger brother.


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