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Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned

Billy Grey
William "Billy" Grey is the main antagonist of The Lost and Damned. Grey was the President of The Lost Brotherhood who met Johnny Klebitz at some point before his incarceration on a drug related felony, which allowed Johnny to become the gangs acting leader. He is released from a rehabilitation center and take control of the gang once more, escalating the violence between The Lost Brotherhood and the arch rivals the Angels of Death once again. Johnny and Jim Fitzgerald, however, begin to disagree with the way Billy runs the gang, which results in a deal being made between Billy and the Triads to return the heroin they stole from the Angels of Death to the Triads. The deal was designed to kill Johnny and Jimmy, who survived after the Triads turned against Grey and his friend Brian Jeremy. Billy is arrested again but agrees to turn states evidence against The Lost Brotherhood, resulting in Johnny and his remaining gang members breaking into the Alderney State Correctional Facility and kill Billy before he can enter the witness protection program.
Mission appearances: Clean and Serene, Angels in America, It's War, Action/Reaction, This Shit's Cursed, Get Lost (Killed)
Ray Boccino
Ray Boccino, a capo of the Pegorino Family, meets Johnny at the recommendation of The Lost Brotherhood President Billy Grey. He asks Johnny and Niko Bellic to participate in a diamond deal with Isaac Roth and Mori Green of the Jewish Mob, although the deal is ambushed by Luis Fernando Lopez, allowing Johnny to steal the money. Boccino has Jim Fitzgerald kidnapped, although Johnny later rescues him, before he has Jim killed by Niko Bellic. Johnny planned on killing Boccino but was advised not to by congressman Thomas Stubbs III as he and the Pegorino Family are under surveillance. Boccino was later killed by Niko Bellic.
Mission appearances: Action/Reaction, Bad Standing, Diamonds in the Rough, Collector's Item, Was It Worth It? (Killed by Niko Bellic some time after)
Brian Jeremy
Brian Jeremy, a high ranking member of The Lost Brotherhood, met Johnny Klebitz at some point before 2008. Jeremy is a supporter of the gangs incarcerated President Billy Grey and, upon Grey's release from a rehabilitation center, he works with Billy in escalating violence against rival gang the Angels of Death. Jeremy and Grey later make a deal with the Triads to kill Johnny and Jim Fitzgerald, although the Triads betray Billy and Brian. He later argues with Johnny and forms his own sub-sect within the gang and later informs Ray Boccino of his location, believing Boccino to be on his side. Boccino, however, informs Johnny of his location and Johnny has the opportunity to kill him after attacking Jeremy's home. If Johnny spares Jeremy, he later meets him again on the streets of Liberty City, where he kills him, after Jeremy lead him into an ambush.
Mission appearances: Clean and Serene, Angels in America, It's War, Action/Reaction, Buyer's Market, This Shit's Cursed, End of Chapter, Bad Standing (Can be killed), Random Encounter (Killed, if spared in Bad Standing)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Kenny Lee
Wu "Kenny" Lee is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The leader of the Lee Family (a sub-sect of the Triads) and the owner of the Sum Yung Gai restaurant, Wu Lee is also the uncle of Huang Lee. Wu Lee hires his nephew in his attempts to impress Triad leader Hsin Jaoming in an attempt to be named his successor. Wu later obtains 'evidence' that rivals Zhou Ming and Chan Jaoming, Hsin's son, are the FIB informants that Hsin is looking for. Wu later kills the two but is discovered to be the FIB informant and Wonsu leader, but more importantly for Huang, the man who killed his father to obtain the Yu Jian Sword, which he planned to give to Hsin. Huang and Wade Heston, a corrupt police officer, chase down and kill him in Hsin's penthouse, discovering an injured Hsin in the process.
Mission appearances: Yu Jian, Pursuit Farce, Under the Gun, Payback, The Wheelman, Tricks of the Triad, Natural Burn Killer, Recruitment Drive, Carpe Dime, Store Wars, Copter Carnage, Kenny Strikes Back, Missed the Boat?, By Myriads of Swords, Rat Race, Salt in the Wound (killed)
Zhou Ming
Zhou Ming, leader of the Ming Family (a sub-sect of the Triads), meets Huang Lee after contacting him by an e-mail to meet him for work, after presumably being impressed by his capability whilst working for his uncle Wu and Chan Jaoming. Zhou hires Huang in an attempt to increase his standing in the eyes of retiring Triad leader Hsin Jaoming, in an attempt to be named his successor. Wu Lee later obtains 'evidence' proving that Zhou and Chan were FIB informants, resulting in Zhou being killed.
Mission appearances: Stealing the Show, Flatliner, Bomb Disposal, Driven to Destruction, Cash and Burn, Dragon Haul Z, The Fandom Menace, So Near, Yet Sonar, Hit from the Tong (killed)
Rudy D'Avanzo
Rudy D'Avanzo, a member of an unknown Mafia family, first meets Huang Lee when he offers him work and help in finding the FIB informant ratting out the Triads. He uses Huang to deal with Jimmy Capra but has no loyalty to Huang, a Triad, after his father was killed, which was believed to be at the hands of the Triads. D'Avanzo is also a cross dresser and, when Huang couldn't stop looking at him whilst dressed in women clothes he flees the building he is in but is chased and killed by Huang in an attempt to appease Hsin Jaoming, who was angry at Huang for working against Capra, a member of the Messina Family, allies of the Triads.
Mission appearances: Grave Situation, Steal the Wheels, The World's A Stooge, Oversights, A Rude Awakening (killed)

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Ray Bulgarin
Ray Bulgarin is the main antagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. Bulgarin was a mobster who immigrated to Liberty City and ran a smuggling operation in the country. He employed Niko Bellic, who smuggled people in Eastern Europe to Italy until one run in which the ship sank and Niko was forced to abandon ship. He blames Niko for the loss and sought to hunt him down. He came back to Liberty City and met up with his old friend Dimitri Rascalov, who coincidentally was working with Niko. Dimitri offered Niko to him but Niko fought off Dimitri's ambush with the help of Little Jacob, and Bulgarin escaped. At one point, he crossed paths with Luis Lopez and Gay Tony, and hired Luis to assist him in his missions, like acquiring a hockey team and infiltrating a police station. Discovering that The Cook, Luis and Gay Tony were part of the diamond deal, he beheaded the Cook and left Luis to find his head, before sending a team of assassins after him, though Luis killed them and escaped. He encountered Niko and Luis one last time and orders his men to attack them and leaves. Ray later had a sit down with Giovanni Ancelotti discussing about the diamond deal and wanted to flee the city. However, he was caught by Luis and was killed.
Mission appearances: Boulevard Baby, Going Deep, Dropping In..., In the Crosshairs, Ladies Half Price, Departure Time (Killed)


Timur is Ray Bulgarin's right hand man and the secondary antagonist. When Luis begins working for Ray, Timur accompanies Luis with Ray on his first job and as a chopper pilot when he is tasked with raiding the MeTV building. In the last mission, Luis heads to Funland where Bulgarin's men were supervising a heroin shipment. He destroyed the heroin and killed the men, but soon after, Timur and more backup arrive, telling Luis that Bulgarin was at the airport ready to leave in his Blue Ghawar jet. He reveals that he was trying to turn Bulgarin against Luis, telling him he was too weak. Timur is killed and Luis makes his way to the airport, soon after kills Bulgarin.

Mission appearances : Boulevard Baby, Going Deep, Dropping In..., Departure Time (Killed)

Rocco Pelosi

Rocco Pelosi is a prominent soldier and loan shark working for the Ancelotti Family to whom Gay Tony is heavily indebted. Throughout the game Rocco forces Tony and Luis to perform several dangerous tasks in order to pay off their debt, but by the end the pressure from Don Giovanni Ancelotti on Rocco to get the money back is so great that Rocco tells Luis that the only way to end the debt is for Luis to kill Tony and keep the clubs so the Ancelotti Family can co-run them. Luis initially agrees to this but at the moment of killing Tony, he changes his mind and instead kills Uncle Vince. The only thing that saves Rocco is that he is a made man, as Tony says. After Luis kills Ray Bulgarin, Don Ancelotti cancels their debt and Rocco flees the city (as his voicemail states, if called after Party's Over and before Departure Time), fearing that Luis and Tony will come after him since the Ancelottis won't protect him anymore.

Mission appearances : I Luv LC, Practice Swing, Boulevard Baby, Frosting on the Cake, Party's Over(Defeated)


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