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Anton Beaudelaire is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

Personal life

Beaudelaire is a film director who used to direct heavily artistic, independent concept films, but in recent years began to direct clichéd, low-quality Vinewood pictures in order to finance his massive drug habit.

Events of GTA V

In 2013, Beaudelaire is set to direct another one of those clichéd, low-quality Vinewood movies: Solomon Richards' Meltdown, starring Milton McIlroy. During shooting, however, Milton has a dispute with Richards and storms off set, later hiring former gangster Rocco Pelosi as his manager to threaten Solomon into getting him a bigger salary. In order to have bigger leverage over Solomon, Rocco also persuades Anton to leave the set, promising him a bigger pay and a steady supply of meth. Unable to deal with Pelosi, Richards asks Michael De Santa to intimidate him and get both Milton and Anton back on the set. Michael manages to sneak into Rocco's building and beats him up before taking Anton and Milton on a perilous helicopter ride, during which he manages to scare them into going back to the set with him.

Ultimately Anton finishes the movie and is seen one final time on the red carpet during the movie's premiere.

Mission Appearances

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